Oy gevalt

To: "blog@thecst.org.uk"
Sent: Wednesday, 20 June 2012, 6:46
Subject: Oy gevalt

Dear Mark,

Thanks for advertising my website on your blog;


I wondered why I had so many hits last week. I see you are still peddling Zionist agent David Irving.

Really love your jibe at my empiricism.

Perhaps youíd like to drop Mr Southgate a line; he might give you space at the next New Right meeting so you can explain how
Operation Cast Lead was justified and how the Flotilla Massacre victims deserved it. Come to think of it, Abraham Foxman
already has.

Glad to see though that you havenít been taken in by Mr Griffinís pragmatism.

Check out my other website, FinancialReform; you might learn something, although to date Iíve never met a Zionist who has.

[The above is my response to Mark Gardner of the misnamed Community Security Trust at the article linked. He never responded, but I assume it didnít go down too well].

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