An Open Letter To Rock Legend Roger Waters From David Duke

Dear Mr Waters,

I write to you both as an American and as a citizen of the world who is concerned for peace. As an American I am particularly concerned with your use of the dollar sign - $ - conflated with a Star of David in your show The Wall.

As both a non-American and as a man who devotes the bulk of his working and leisure time to music, you are probably unaware of the deep sense of unease and indeed revulsion this will cause to many Americans, Jews as well as Christians.

Although the Star of David is first and foremost a religious symbol, it was hijacked several decades ago by one of the most ruthless, fascistic ideologies on the face of this planet, that of International Zionism, a philosophy of racial supremacy. If I may quote from ZIONISM: its European origins, a December 1973 publication of the British & Irish Communist Organisation, page 3: “Its essence is that a ‘chosen people’, the Jews, are superior to everyone else and can and should trample on the rights of other peoples”.

This quote actually first appeared in an editorial in the left wing newspaper Socialist Worker, October 20, 1973.

You will see from this that the true nature of Zionism has long been recognised by most left wing and progressive people in Europe if not throughout the world.

As I am sure you know, the dollar sign - $ - has come to symbolise not just our currency, but capitalism and indeed what many people worlwide interpret as American Imperialism.

It is my concern that by using the dollar sign in conjunction with the Star of David, you are inadvertently conveying to the rest of the world the erroneous and dangerous belief that the people of the United States are complicit financially and in other respects with the crimes perpetrated by the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people, and more recently against the entire world in the shape of the Gaza Flotilla Massacre.

You should understand that in the area of foreign policy with particular relevance to the Middle East, the actions of the American Government do not reflect the will of the American people, that the outrageously partisan behaviour of successive Administrations both Democratic and Republican is indicative not of any malice of the American people towards the Palestinians, the Arabs, Islam, or the rest of the world, but of the hegemony of Zionist Jewry over US foreign policy.

There are many Zionist organisations in the United States, but two are worthy of particular mention: AIPAC and the ADL.

AIPAC is an overtly Zionist organisation; among other things it peddles the myth that Israel is a strategic asset to the United States, even more so since the inception of the War On Terror, conveniently ignoring the fact that but for US support of Israel there would have been no War On Terror and no 9/11. Its website has the temerity to claim that Israel is a defender of free speech, among other things. This commitment does not of course extend to challenging the perceived wisdom of the persecution of Jewry during World War Two, a subject on which there is total freedom of speech in Iran, and none at all in “democratic” Germany due primarily to Zionist influence.

Unlike AIPAC, the ADL is not on the face of it a dedicated Zionist organisation, but scratch the surface, and its real agenda shows through, for behind the mask of civil rights lies unconditional support for both repressive laws at home disguised as “protection” from “hate speech” etc, and for the continuation of Israel’s genocidal policies against the Palestinians. Last year, the ADL’s National Director Abraham Foxman applauded the mass murders in Gaza, and earlier this year both the ADL and AIPAC called on the US Government to brand the Gaza Aid Flotilla organisers terrorists, thereby spitting on the corpses of those martyrs murdered in cold blood by the IDF.

As this moment, both AIPAC and the ADL are lobbying openly and even more so behind the scenes not only for even harsher sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran but for the United States to bomb or even invade that country, a crime which would cause enormous bloodshed in the Middle East, and sow bitterness and hatred lasting for decades in addition to that which we already have. A lot of their lobbying consists simply of the recycling of long proven lies, such as the claim that Iran’s President threatened to wipe Israel off the map.

In view of all of the above, I would ask that you do not associate the dollar sign - $ - with the Star of David in any of your shows. I, and the great mass of the American people, do not wish either our currency or our once great country to be associated in any way, manner, shape or form with the bigotry and hatred that is generated by the Zionist entity, its apologists, supporters and ideologues.

Yours Sincerely,
David Duke PhD.

October 9, 2010

[The above was not written or approved by David Duke in any way, manner, shape or form; it may be construed as satire, although from my limited contact with the man he would largely approve of its sentiments. Its inspiration was the open letter Abraham Foxman sent to Roger Waters. Foxman is a man who could find anti-Semitism in an egg cup, and in fact he does find it and its causes everywhere he looks. Except of course, in his bathroom mirror].

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