The Struggle Against Austerity


The struggle against austerity is heating up in the UK; students have organised a big rally in the capital for November, which is plenty of notice for all those who want to take part.

The Student Assembly Against Austerity can be found on Tumblr

It is clear from its list of “initial supporters” that it has what might be loosely termed a left wing bias, but the cuts made by the Coalition Government – including those yet to come into force – affect everyone in the UK, old and young, poor and rich, because hospitals and other emergency services are among those targeted for rationalisation and even closure.

The Student Assembly is concerned primarily with cuts to education and the replacement of grants with student loans that hang like millstones around the necks of graduates, many of whom will not find work, at least not the kind of work befitting to a person with several years of higher learning and an impressive academic CV.

Related campaigns include Save Lewisham Hospital, which has a dedicated website:

and a campaign by the Fire Brigades Union, which can be found at

Although most of the major demonstrations against austerity are happening in the capital, there are actions all over the country, including especially in Glasgow and Belfast. The Fire Brigades Union has started an e-petition against the cuts, though it remains to be seen if Prime Minister Cameron and his gang will give it the time of day, however many people may sign it.

[The above article was originally published July 19, 2013.]

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