Gaccinia Cambogia – Wonder slimming food?

We’ve heard it all before, but the latest slimming aid appears to deliver, at least in some cases. The good news is that in addition to some success in clinical trials, garcinia cambogia is a harmless plant with a track record going back thousands of years. Found in Indonesia, it belongs to the same genus as tamarind, and if the reviews by a plethora of women on YouTube are anything to go by, it works partly by appetite suppression. This is nothing new, tobacco does the same thing, but few doctors would recommend smoking as a slimming aid.

Garcinia cambogia, an Indonesia plant that can aid weight loss.

The first person to sing the praises of garcinia for this purpose appears to have been TV personality Dr Oz, who is a real doctor, as is Huffington Post correspondent Julie Chen. Clinical trials at New York University show mixed results, but this is hardly surprising, we are not all built the same, and there appear to be no harmful side effects unless you take silly doses, but the same can be said for any food, even drinking too much water too fast can kill you.

So who should take garcinia? If you have neither the time nor the desire to exercise regularly and have tried everything else to lose weight, then you might consider giving it a shot. Check out some of the endorsements and reviews on YouTube, they come from ordinary people, mostly women, and have the ring of truth. If on the other hand you are an overweight male approaching sixty who prefers to sit in front of a computer screen all day, welcome to the club.

[The above article was first published November 7, 2013.]

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