June Field: The World’s Greatest Spirit Medium


June Field has been called the world’s greatest spirit medium. She will be appearing at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon, next month.

This is no joke, Mrs Field is truly the world’s greatest spirit medium extant; she was awarded that de facto title in December last year when she came first out of 70,000 entries and 11 finalists to win the trophy in a televised contest in the Ukraine. Not only that, one of the judges was magician Uri Geller. If you are one of those people who believes Uri Geller is anything but a magician, here is what magician James Randi has to say about him.

Whatever one thinks of Uri Geller, Mrs Field makes some remarkable claims on her website. While in the Ukraine for the epic battle of the psychics, she says “I was asked to work with the police to help find a murderer. I gave specific evidence of a tattoo on his right shoulder, a scar on his finger, his car colour, 3 numbers of his number plate and the smell of oil or gasoline from him. I described the area he would have worked. He was caught regrettably after committing another murder but had a tattoo which he had tried to remove and also a scar he tried to laser off as well as the other pieces of evidence listed. He was convicted.”

This is a truly remarkable claim; has any psychic throughout history done anything half as extraordinary? There have been similar claims in the past. In her autobiography, the late Doris Stokes claimed to have given valuable information through psychic channels to police investigating the murder of a 17 year old girl in Lancashire, and another case involving the murders of 3 babies in a Blackpool hospital. Both these claims were without substance.

A claim that had more substance was that of Denjiro Kinoshita, who told Japanese police that his youngest daughter had gone missing after he had driven her back from school and dropped her near home. Later, he rushed into the police station and announced that he had seen his daughter in a dream, crying in a forest, then led them to the wood where he had seen her in his dream, and they found her, lying dead. She had been strangled. Eventually he confessed to murdering both her and his wife, whose death had been recorded as a suicide.

Clearly Mrs Field had no connection with the murders in the Ukraine, but so-called psychics who continue to make outrageous claims usually end up with egg all over their faces, as did Sylvia Browne whose numerous claims include the murder of Amanda Berry, whose miraculous reappearance along with two other missing girls ten years after her abduction by Ariel Castro astonished the world.

[The above article was published originally August 27, 2013.]

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