‘Citizens Of Hell’ comes to the UK


Dominic O’Flynn gives an impressive performances as Old Nick himself in the thoughtful political play Citizens Of Hell by Elchin Afandiyev.

Citizens Of Hell is a play by Elchin Afandiyev, who is a fairly important politician in Azerbaijan. If that sounds a strange combination, it should be borne in mind that many politicians are consummate actors. The theme of the play is far from new but it is a seldom used formula, and one that usually succeeds, as it does here. The Devil visits a 5th floor apartment on New Year’s Eve 1937-8 to tell a dining couple a few home truths. If it is revealed that this apartment is in then Soviet Russia, students of 20th Century history will need no more enlightening.

The play previewed this week at the Theatro Technis, a small community theatre in North London, and was brought here by David Parry, whose talents extend to acting and directing, but he is seen here in the producer’s chair. Parry has for some time been fostering cultural ties with the government of Azerbaijan, a country that has existed in its own right only since 1991. If he and they succeed, Britain and other Western nations could become a lot more familiar with its plays, literature and music.

This production is the first time Citizens Of Hell has been performed in both the West and English. The three actor cast: Andrew Boxer and Priscilla Fere with Dominic O’Flynn as the Devil, deliver the goods.

The play runs at this venue until tomorrow night, when some officials from the Azerbaijani Government will be present. Follow David Parry on Facebook for updates.

[The above article was published originally July 26, 2013.]

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