America’s Misguided Sexual Imperialism

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton championed what she called LGBT rights worldwide. Understandably, not everyone saw or sees it that way.

Here is a video of Hillary Clinton speaking on this subject. She calls her actions championing LGBT rights; others see it differently; a video of her earlier speech was uploaded to YouTube with the title “America spreading filth and perversion around the world.” That video has now been removed, for whatever reason.

While there is nothing wrong with the United States or indeed any other nation making representations to governments that subject their citizens to arbitrary persecution or to degrading treatment, what is happening here is something entirely different. In the West, male homosexuality was illegal until the 1960s; the so-called Wolfenden reforms in the UK and the Stonewall Rebellion in the US changed all that. Here is a rather amusing film from 1961 which shows how homosexuals were regarded by most of the population at that time.

In less than a generation, homosexuality was officially transmogrified from a sexual perversion, indeed a mental illness, into something we are now told incessantly is gay. Having made this massive about face, the United States is now intent on imposing its new sexual morality on the rest of the world, and, surprise, surprise, many countries don’t like it.

Let’s look at just one tiny aspect of Hillary Clinton’s fight for LGBT rights. What does the B in that acronym stand for? Bi - as in bisexual. This can be and very often is a married man who engages in unspeakable acts with other men, perhaps total strangers, in a public toilet or bath house, then goes home and sleeps with his unsuspecting wife, perhaps giving her some vile disease. Is a man whose sexual mores include this kind of behaviour to be elevated to the standard of an oppressed minority? Bisexuality is a lifestyle choice, not a badge of honour.

Check out this video which shows a young, attractive but sadly homosexual man explaining how to use a condom for gay sex. Might this not be just construed the tiniest bit offensive by your local imam or by an African priest, or even by an ordinary person in India, China or Ghana?

Let’s look at this another way, would the American Government or any Western government have the temerity to tell the people of Iran or Saudi Arabia that Islam was outmoded, that they should abandon their religion and convert their mosques into casinos or brothels? Would any American politician tell Moslems they should pulp their copies of the Holy Qur’an, drink alcohol and eat pork every Sunday? That would be unthinkable, yet as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton told the Islamic world - a people whose culture predates the existence of the USA by more than a thousand years - that they must permit men to marry other men, and allow their children to be indoctrinated with fairy stories about gay penguins.

Today, a dedicated homosexual website reports that Clinton’s successor John Kerry is following in her footsteps. America is already hated by much of the world on account of its support for truly repressive régimes, for its human rights violations in the war on terror, for setting itself up as the world’s policeman following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and lately for the revelation that it has been spying on everyone. Its attempt to impose its own sexual agenda on other nations - many of whom find its concept of LGBT rights as not simply decadent but sinful - can only reinforce the words of the Ayatollah Khomeini, that it is truly the Great Satan, throughout the Islamic and indeed much of the non-Islamic world.

[The above article was published originally July 21, 2013.]

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