Auntie’s Poker Party

Auntie doesn’t play as much poker as me, but unlike our hero, he is not a compulsive gambler. Although this is a good thing, he does have his own inner demons, but fortunately, impetuosity is not one of them, so he has had a fair amount of success at low limit games. And high limit games? Having heeded my advice, he doesn’t play them.

The screengrabs below are from Party Poker and William Hill, where he spends most of his time nowadays, when he isn’t out chasing the ladies!

A couple of his earlier efforts – at slightly higher stakes – can be found here.

January 17, 2011: Auntie wins the $5.00 + 50c stud tournament on William Hill. The tournament had 32 runners and paid 5 places.

May 6-7, 2011: The late night $1 + 10c no limit hold ’em tournament. Auntie finished in 4th place of 394 runners.

January 6, 2012: Auntie finishes runner up in the limit Omaha hi lo.

May 7-8, 2011: Auntie wins the late night $2 + 20c stud tournament on William Hill which had 41 runners.

January 11, 2012: Auntie wins the $5 + 50c limit Omaha hi lo on William Hill. There were 31 runners and 6 places paid.

The same tournament as above - only this time the good news is relayed in dollars!

January 13, 2012: Auntie finishes runner up in the $5 + 50c stud tournament.

January 15, 2012: A9 outdraws AK; Auntie got lucky this hand but didn’t cash.

January 18, 2012: Auntie finishes runner up in the $10 + $1 limit Omaha hi lo. This is not a popular tournament.

July 22, 2012: Auntie hits a magic river in the £500 Sunday Facebook Freeroll and wins the pot. He finished 47th of 568 runners winning £1.87.

September 4, 2012: Auntie flops a set of 10s and wins the pot. He finished 30th of 3,156 runners winning 30c.

October 8, 2012: Auntie cashes in the limit Omaha hi lo.

[The above article was published originally as a blog on October 13, 2012 with the 12 screengrabs here.]

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