The Baroness Warsi non-scandal continues

The press has the knives out for another politician, this time over a relatively small sum of money, while Britain and Europe is being systematically looted by the banksters.

Three years ago we saw what was reported as a scandal of seemingly unprecedented magnitude. Members of Parliament, of all parties and both houses, were supposed to have boarded the expenses gravy train and taken the rest of us for a ride. Both the tabloids and the heavies ran and ran and ran with it, but the total sum involved was a tiny fraction of the £40 million the UK Independence Party claims Britain loses every day through its membership of the European Union.

While politicians prostrated themselves, and a few who had clearly overdone it ended up in court - including the useless Lord Taylor, who spent time behind bars - the sleaze went on elsewhere, as the Leveson Inquiry has revealed.

This latest nonsense started last month with a claim that Minister without Portfolio Baroness Warsi had claimed an overnight allowance for staying in London while she was allegedly staying at a house in Acton rent free.

This has now been augmented by a claim that two years ago she made a trip to Pakistan with her business partner Abid Hussain. What was he doing travelling with her? Probably trying to drum up a bit of trade, which can’t have done this country any harm, although her husband rather than Opposition MPs might be expected to exhibit a little curiosity about their accommodation and sleeping arrangements.

Warsi has quite likely been targeted by the media for other reasons. She has strong views about homosexuality, including the lowering of the age of consent and attempts to indoctrinate the young by the powerful homosexual lobby, and being a Moslem, she has not been afraid to speak out publicly on this issue. This has led to the usual tiresome charges of homophobia, which has made her no friends on the left.

Whether or not that is the case, it appears she is now to be investigated by the official watchdog, even though the police have looked at the case and decided there is nothing of interest there for them, probably because they have more than enough on their plate at the moment following the arrest of one of their own detectives for allegedly falsifying reports in rape cases.

Prime Minister Cameron is in a difficult position, but if he and the rest of his Cabinet colleagues are genuinely intent on rooting out financial corruption they should start by getting us out of Europe, hastening the collapse of the Euro, and best of all, pulling out of that banksters’ mafia known as the Maastricht Treaty so that we - and every other country in Europe - can regain our sovereignty and begin printing our own money debt-free.

Warsi is not the only minister under siege by the media at the moment; the position of Jeremy Hunt is still touch and go, something that owes less to any corruption - real or imagined - on his part, than to the hatred of certain journalists for Rupert Murdoch.

[The above op-ed was first published June 9, 2012; the original wasn’t archived.]

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