Bilderberg academic henchman preaches austerity for the young

A distinguished academic is about to deliver a lecture on the virtues of austerity. For us little people, not for himself and his masters.

Niall Ferguson

Why the young should welcome austerity is the title of the article by Niall Ferguson published by the BBC on June 17. According to his own website, Ferguson is Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University, and his many affiliations include the Hoover Institution. Small world, did he ever run into Antony C. Sutton on his travels? Probably not; the world may be small but academics’ minds are smaller, certainly when their lucrative sinecures depend on willful blindness.

You see, according to Professor Ferguson, austerity is good. For us, but not for him. There is no mention in his essay of his flying second class or taking the bus instead of a limousine to the last Bilderberg meeting. That’s right, the learnéd professor is a Bilderberger; he attended the recent meeting at Chantilly. And the advice he will be giving in his Reith Lecture is that the young of Britain and the world should pay off national debts now to avoid a miserable future. And to whom should they pay these debts? Follow the money, namely the people who paid for Professor Ferguson’s ticket.

No mention that all this debt has been conjured up out of thin air, just pay so that banksters can continue holding lavish functions, jetting around the world, dictating to the people of Greece, Spain and anywhere else they choose.

Do we really need lessons from Professor Ferguson on how to run our economies? Or should we be looking for alternatives, like breaking the chains of the banksters and freeing mankind from slavery by taking control of our own currencies: pounds, dollars, drachmas and everything else?

[The above op-ed was first published June 18, 2012.]

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