A.K. Chesterton and the New World Order

Last month, an article in a mainstream academic journal discussed the philosophy of A.K. Chesterton, one of the first people to expose the New World Order.

The article Transatlantic Connections and Conspiracies: A.K. Chesterton and “The New Unhappy Lords” appeared in the April 2012 issue of the Sage published Journal Of Contemporary History. The author, Graham Macklin, is an Honorary Fellow of the Parkes Institute, University of Southampton. The abstract is available free, although the full version in Portable Document Format is currently being pinged around cyberspace.

The Parkes Institute is named after James Parkes (1896-1981), a clergyman who was a devotee of what has been called the enthymeme of Jewish history, namely that in all conflicts between Jew and Gentile, the Gentile is always in the wrong – that’s the simplified version. Common sense alone dictates this is not the case, and the ongoing tragedy of Palestine proves it all too clearly.

Alas, like socialists, social scientists have never allowed facts to get in the way of ideology, and the Parkes Institute promotes this paradigm slavishly, so one should not expect too much of one of its affiliates who tackles the magnum opus of a man who early on in his career made no secret of either his anti-Semitism or his fascist sympathies.

Arthur Kenneth Chesterton was the cousin of the British novelist and essayist G.K. Chesterton; born in 1899, he emigrated to South Africa as a young boy, and fought in the Great War – as it then was – serving on the Western Front where he earned the Military Cross. Later, working as a journalist in both South Africa and England, he became theatre critic for the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald, Stratford-upon-Avon being of course the birthplace of William Shakespeare, England’s and arguably the world’s greatest dramatist.

Although a convert to Fabian socialism, he became attracted to fascism in the 1930s, joining Oswald Mosley’s organisation, the British Union of Fascists, and for a while he even edited Mosley’s newspaper The Blackshirt, but this didn’t last.

A.K. Chesterton

The taint that was attached to British fascists by the left never touched Chesterton, because at the outbreak of the second great conflict of the 20th Century, he enlisted in the British Army.

After the Second World War he was again active in far right politics, founding the magazine Candour in 1953, which is still published today, and forming the League of Empire Loyalists the following year. Later still he would found the National Front, which had some success in spite of the smears and hysteria generated against it by the likes of the Socialist Workers Party through its front organisation the Anti-Nazi League.

Chesterton’s greatest contribution was not as an aspiring politician but as a political theorist, and his best known book is The New Unhappy Lords, which was first published in 1965. Chesterton died in 1973, by which time he had become a non-person with the establishment, and the Times did not even publish an obituary.

A Revised Edition of The New Unhappy Lords was published in 1975, but the first edition is available on-line.

Graham Macklin’s article is as to be expected a thinly veiled smear; what he doesn’t mention is as important as what he does, if not more so. In essence, he claims Chesterton’s magnum opus is merely an update of the notorious Protocols Of Zion. This claim fails on two counts: the first being that Chesterton had long seen the folly of anti-Semitism, as his track record demonstrates clearly; the second is that while the Elders of Zion are mythical entities, those behind the New World Order – Jew and Gentile – are not. To deal with point one first: in 1948, Chesterton published a collaboration with Joseph Leftwitch, an Orthodox Jew, and like himself a literary scholar. Their book, The Tragedy Of Anti-Semitism, can be downloaded from here. One word of warning, don’t take at face value everything you read on this website!

In 1957, Chesterton expelled Colin Jordan from the League of Empire Loyalists primarily because of his stand on the Jewish Question. The previous year, Jordan had inherited the mantle of Arnold Leese as Britain’s leading anti-Semite, a dubious honour he retained until his death in 2009.

Later, Chesterton also exposed the anti-Semitic fabrications of Eustace Mullins, and by his own account went to considerable lengths in order to do so. This claim is borne out by his article THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS, which was published in the September 1970 issue of Candour.

Macklin’s claim in his article that Chesterton’s study of power élites was “an elegantly written antisemitic tirade” exposing an attempt to create “a ‘One World’ Jewish superstate” is therefore revealed as facile nonsense. It is thanks to men like Chesterton that we know these self-styled élites exist. There were literally a handful of articles about them in the mainstream media before Chesterton’s book, before The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot, and shortly Gary Allen’s classic None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

Many of the people who instigated these élites were in fact Jewish, including the original Federal Reserve conspirators. This fact is less important than what they did behind closed doors; what they did, and what they are doing, is building their own perverted New World Order. This is now an established fact, indeed the conspirators themselves – if you want to call them that – now make no secret of it. Their cover having been blown, it would probably be futile for them to try. Today, mainstream politicians ask questions in public, even in Parliament about the activities of the Bilderberg Group and other organisations that make decisions affecting our lives behind closed doors.

A few mainstream scholars have attempted to tackle this issue openly and honestly; Murray Rothbard’s analysis of the Federal Reserve is compelling. The problem with many so-called conspiracy theorists is not so much that they overstate the case but that a) they get sidetracked by the Jewish Question, in particular, Zionism, and b) that some of them are so totally gullible they believe or assume all manner of nonsense. David Icke is an extreme case of this, as is Patricia McAllister, but they are far from the only ones.

There have been and are increasingly both Islamic and Jewish researchers who have been prepared to tackle this issue. Take for example these words which were written by Rabbi Dr Elmer Berger over thirty years ago in his pamphlet THE STRUCTURE OF THE ZIONIST MOVEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES: “Terms like ‘international Jewry’ or ‘Judaists’, allegations of ‘conspiracy’ are examples of semantics which trigger suspicions about the motives of those who employ them...There is no intricate Zionist ‘conspiracy’.

Zionism has employed one of the best propaganda machines the world has ever known. It generally signals its intentions loudly and clearly. It has succeeded in furthering undemocratic programs and policies because all too few knew enough about Zionism to read and properly interpret its gaudy propaganda.”

It certainly does signal its intentions loudly and clearly; the calculated acts of mass murder known as Operation Cast Lead and the Flotilla Massacre are proof positive of that.

Another American Jew and one-time true believer, Ron David, wrote in his 1993 book ARABS & ISRAEL FOR BEGINNERS, “...It’s like the Emperor’s clothes: once you see the Emperor standing there with his little dingus hanging out, it’s all you can do not to burst out laughing...I swear to you, I cannot see how any fair-minded person with an IQ over fifty can believe the Zionist/Jewish/Israeli version of what happened in the Middle East – and of what is happening now. Mother Goose is more plausible than that!”

The machinations of both Zionism and Uncle Sam in the Middle East are by no means the full extent of the New World Order, but this calculated deception that has been foisted onto especially the American people is proof positive that we have been lied to and are continuing to be misled.

At the time of writing, the Leveson Inquiry is ongoing at the High Court in London. The revelations there about phone hacking and the connivance of senior police officers are proof positive that conspiracies – if you want to use that word – exist at the highest levels in our so-called democracy. Add to this secret renditions, police agents provocateurs inciting the gullible to commit serious criminal acts, governments spying on us illegally, and a whole lot more. When one considers all these things that are now out in the open, groups of bankers and politicians – some of whom are Jewish – meeting secretly to decide how to run the world in their best interest sounds not only extremely plausible but rather tame.

There is much more to Macklin’s article, but sadly it is much more of the same. One is tempted to ask what he believes the CFR, the Bilderberg Group and the rest of the conspiratorial bureaucracy actually do behind closed doors, but that would be a futile question. Like Marxist economist Richard D. Wolff, he knows which side his bread is buttered, and that if he dares to ask the wrong questions, his subsidised research and long sabbaticals will dry up. Much better to continue the ad hominem attacks rather than investigate the truth of the claims made and facts unearthed by Chesterton and those who are continuing his work.

Finally, it should be noted that Chesterton is far from the first researcher who has been subjected to this sort of venal attack. Robert Singerman’s 1982 Garland Press book ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA: An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide, contains a great deal of material that no reasonable person would claim or sincerely believe to be anti-Semitic, and even a few that are actually philo-Semitic, including the 1939 book Britain’s Jewish Problem, by M.G. Murchin, published by Hurst and Blackett. Murchin is actually a pseudonym, so may well have been written by someone active in politics who did not want to be misconstrued. In spite of its title, this book is a sympathetic if critical treatment of what was then a very real problem as Jews were fleeing Germany due to the Nazi persecution. Here are a few quotes:

Page 46 “...anyone who cares to investigate the Jewish question soon finds that fear of Jewish influence is a very potent silencer.” Not anymore!

Page 48: “It is claimed that the Jewish refugees who have arrived in this country have not displaced British workpeople, but by setting up new industries here have actually given jobs to 15,000 British workers. If this is so, then those who have arrived here could not have been as poor as refugees are usually described.”

Page 132: “Jewish financial power in this country is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, but it is not quite as all-powerful as it is made out to be.”


“As far as can be ascertained, the Bank [of England] is not controlled by Jews.”

Page 210: “It is not a man’s origin that matters, but his behaviour. On this score there are many Jews in this country whom the nation could ill afford to lose.” – just the sort of thing a rabid anti-Semite would say.

Singerman says of Murchin’s book on page 120: “While disclaiming all antisemitic intentions, the author provides a book-length account of the Jewish strangle hold over England’s press, finance, and political parties.” These are lies, pure and simple.

Gary Allen’s None Dare Call It Conspiracy – above – is also listed, in spite of its cringing philo-Semitism, as is The “Federal” Reserve Conspiracy & Rockefellers: Their “Gold-Corner”, a 1968 book by Emanuel P. Josephson, a Jewish author who saw a hidden Jesuit hand behind the Grand Conspiracy rather than a Jewish one. Graham Macklin is far from the first goy academic to make a living playing to this particular crowd; Zion”, “the Protocols’” modern career by Colin Holmes is another smear job of this nature; it was published in the Nov-Dec 1977 edition of Patterns of Prejudice, Nov-Dec 1977, the journal of the Institute of Jewish Affairs.

The bottom line is that anyone who investigates much less challenges especially the banking cartel is an anti-Semite, headcase or some other untouchable, and therefore unworthy of belief or even of a hearing. As the masses occupy Wall Streets worldwide demanding an end to its power, and as the more knowledgeable activists call for debt-free money to be issued by responsible governments, this charade is becoming more and more difficult to maintain, and when at last the monopoly of credit as Major Douglas called it, or the Money Power as Chesterton did, when at last the power of this unholy cabal is broken, all mankind – white, black, Asian, Gentile and Jew, will owe A.K. Chesterton and others who swam against the tide of lies, contempt and ridicule an enormous debt.

[The above article was published originally May 19, 2012; some very minor corrections have been made to the text.]

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