Abominable crimes round up, Europe

A round up of some of the most notorious and terrible crimes currently in the news, mostly in the UK, from a house fire in England to mass murder in Norway.

Amina Adan

Amina Adan was a recruitment consultant for the Al Jazeera television channel. Then she met Zakaria Mohamed, a Somali refugee and self-styled asylum seeker who entered the UK in 2002 on a forged Dutch passport. This week he was gaoled for her murder, receiving a tariff of 26 years with the mandatory life sentence. According to the BBC, he subjected her to a year of domestic abuse before stabbing her no less than 57 times.

A truly amazing aspect of this case is that he had been convicted of assaulting her twice shortly before committing the ultimate crime, which begs the question why hadn’t this attractive and obviously intelligent young woman given this thug his marching orders long ago?

Mohamed is the sort of person the Socialist Workers Party and Nazi-hunting fantasist Gerry Gable believe should be welcomed to these shores with open arms and taxpayers’ money. After all, not to do so would be racist, right? Are they ever? At best he should have been sent back to Holland to serve time for possessing a forged passport. Asylum seeker indeed.

Another type we could do without in the UK is now convicted paedophile Shabir Ahmed, the ringleader of a gang that has been much in the news the past few months. He was convicted last month and has now been given a 19 year sentence after two trials. The gang concerned was exclusively Asian - Muslim according to Nick Griffin - but who pays any attention to him nowadays?

Last month, a fire in Derby resulted in the deaths of six children. The father of all six, Mick Philpott along with his wife Mairead, is currently awaiting trial for murder. The funeral of all six victims has now been held; hundreds of people attended, but not the accused, who are facing trial next January. On Wednesday, another man was arrested in connection with the fatal fire but has been bailed following further investigations.

In Spain, Tyneside mother Lianne Smith has been convicted of murdering her young daughter and baby son – shades of Fiona Donnison. Her defence was that she was psychiatrically disturbed. Few would disagree with that, but the jury considered her to be evil as well, and she now faces up to 34 years in gaol. Her pathetic excuse for her crimes was that she was afraid her children would be taken from her and placed in care. That word, care, is one that she clearly does not understand.

Finally, the trial of mass killer Anders Breivik is nearing its end. After they had made impact statements, the families of some of his victims walked out of the court rather than listen to his ravings.

In Texas recently, a man who caught another man apparently attempting to rape his 5 year old daughter acted as judge, jury and executioner. A Grand Jury has now declined to indict him. This begs the question why a man who committed a crime of such enormity as Breivik, and who then boasted of it, should warrant not only a trial but a platform to air his views and if found insane be treated rather than punished.

[The above was first published June 12, 2012; the original wasn’t archived.]

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