David Duke gets it half right on Syria and Iran

David Duke has made another video calling for peace in the Middle East; unfortunately, he can see only the perfidious influence of Zionism at work.

David Duke is the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

The video No War for Israel in Syria and Iran! is currently on YouTube. If it is successfully removed by dark forces, it will be found on David Duke’s personal website. The url cannot be given here because the Elders of Zion have refused permission.

One of the great myths of our time is that America and to a great extent the world is controlled by Zionist Jews – or in some cases Jews alone. This myth of Jewish unity and Jewish power is useful not only to anti-Semites and the lunatic fringe but to Jewish leaders, who exploit it ruthlessly.

A variation of the same myth is peddled both by anti-racists and the loony feminists. According to the latter, men rule the world. Well, yes, but at a price, we are in many ways the weaker sex, among other things, women outlive us. According to the former, there are only two types of people in the world: whites and non-whites (or people of colour or whatever sick and stupid euphemism they are currently using). To hard core anti-racists, being born white confers a privilege that no others have, a belief that is vindicated by the self-evident facts that the mainstream media and the major powers: the US, Britain and Europe are all overwhelmingly white.

There is an amen corner of non-white journalists, academics and others on both sides of the Atlantic who never tire of parroting this mantra, which is often supported by manipulated or entirely bogus statistics. Johanna Fernández, a passionate supporter of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, is one example. Like many academics she leads a relatively comfortable life writing polemical books on the largesse of her white exploiters while white workers, the white unemployed and the white elderly struggle to make ends meet.

The illusion of white privilege is totally shattered when one considers the falling white birth rate. As things stand, in 200 years at the outside there will be no whites left, but that is not something any of us should worry about, because by then the world will to all intents and purposes have ended, having long run out of oil, the population will have exploded to such an extent that mass starvation will result, and there will be wars over scarce resources, like water.

While David Duke can see through the fantasy of white privilege, he is unable to see the truth about the worldwide Jewish conspiracy, that this is based on the illusion of universally unity. First though, let us consider his views on the Federal Reserve, which he claims is controlled by “the Zionists”. The current Chairman of the Federal Reserve is actually a time-serving academic; he was appointed by George W. Bush; it really is that simple.

Unfortunately, like all mainstream economists, Banjamin Shalom Bernanke is totally ignorant of the simple fault of the financial system, money is created as an irredeemable debt. He also believes in many of the other fallacies of economics, such as unemployment. Can jobs be found for all willing hands? Not in the highly advanced technological society of the future, nor is full employment desirable, especially for the unemployable.

Mainstream economists also believe we live by our exports. No, we don’t. The more we export, the harder we have to work!

If Bernanke and mainstream economists don’t understand this, neither do governments worldwide. We hear much talk about the Chinese economic miracle, China flooding the West with cheap imports and destroying jobs here, but take a look at this video of Chinese kids in the classroom. This begs the question, how can China’s leaders be so dumb as to flood America and the world with cheap goods - in exchange for bits of paper – while young boys and girls sit in unheated classrooms throughout the land?

For the truth about the Zionist control of the Federal Reserve, the reader is referred to this article, which incidentally contains a link to a video by Murray Rothbard who explains how the banking cabal foisted this monster onto us. One more point about the banking system according to David Duke, Mayer Amschel Rothschild said: “Let us issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes its laws.”

This ephemerally popular quote is usually given as “Let me issue...” Note the tiny but important difference, “us” infers a conspiracy. This quote is at best apocryphal. If anyone suggests otherwise, let him provide a contemporaneous published source.

Moving to the Middle East, what is happening in Syria is Arab against Arab. While the Jewish conspiracy is not popular with the mainstream media or politicians, the Islamic conspiracy is. The reality is that the Islamic world is just as divided as the so-called white world, the West, Christians...For all the talk of Islamophobia, xenophobia, racism...the Arab and the Moslem is most likely to be killed by his own kind. This is an unfortunate universal truth. In Britain, we have even seen this sort of stupidity exhibited at football matches. And in spite of all the hype and hysteria, the most prolific killers of young black men are not white racists as in the case of Stephen Lawrence, but other young black men. On Syria, yes, the West is taking sides, maybe the wrong side, perhaps we should simply stay out of it? Whatever, difficult though it may be for David Duke and the grand conspiracy crowd to accept, Arabs are perfectly capable of killing each other without any intervention from Zionism, from Western bankers, or even white racists.

The question of Iran is different though. Yes, the Zionists and neo-cons have been pushing for war against Iran for some considerable time.

The most vociferous political organisation calling for this act of mass murder and Western suicide is AIPAC, a pressure group that is part of a lobby that for decades has got away with things other lobbies can’t by shamelessly playing the race card. A politician who stands up to a business lobby that calls for higher tariffs on say steel (as per Murray Rothbard) will be praised by Libertarians as a free marketeer. One who stands up to attempts by the Christian right to bring in tougher restrictions on porn will be praised as a champion of anti-censorship and free expression. And one who stands up to the lobby we all know doesn’t really exist will be denounced to High Heaven as an anti-Semite. Or would have been once, but not anymore.

Over the past few years, massive opposition to Zionist Imperialism has emerged in the United States and elsewhere, including and especially among Jews. The Jewish resistance has in fact always been there, most especially from the ultra-Orthodox including the Neturei Karta, but their voices have been drowned out because it is always empty vessels that make the most noise.

Three and a half years ago, the Jewish Peace Fellowship issued a statement against an Israeli strike on Iran, which begs the question, does David Duke ever use his search engine?

Having said all that, we still have a massive problem in the Middle East, though the most dangerous warmongering at the moment is coming not from Zionist Jews but from their Christian fundament allies, like Michele Bachmann. She showed her true colours as well as the danger of electing her the first woman President in a recent debate with veteran Ron Paul. This though should be no surprise from a woman who is okay with both physical torture and indefinite detention without trial.

So what is the solution?

The very first thing is there have to be meaningful discussions with Iran. In the longer term, there has to be an accommodation reached between the Zionists and the Palestinians. President Ahmadinejad believes in a world without Zionism, which would mean in practice a democratic Palestine with Jews and Palestinians living as one nation as in the post-Apartheid South Africa.

As David Duke is an avowed racial separatist, he should be looking instead to a two state solution, which is indeed the most practicable, but this means concessions must be made on both sides. Can it come about?

That is not impossible, but long term we must liberate the world from the banking cartel, which will also liberate us from the tyranny of oil as it will enable all nations to develop the technologies that we will need in a world in which the oil has literally dried up, technologies like the hydrogen car. Oil is not the only factor keeping us in the Middle East, but it is a major one.

What David Duke identifies, erroneously, as an all-pervasive Zionist conspiracy is something much less organised, it is a fascistic ideology spurred on by a collective psychosis. We can see the same thing with the war on drugs, and latterly with the war on terror, although thankfully many people have woken up to the reality of the latter.

Though Duke sees himself primarily as an educator, he should begin by educating himself to what Robert H. Billington called the fire in the minds of men, because like the American and British troops who invaded Afghanistan after September 11 in search of Al-Qaeda’s secret subterranean fortress, he is looking for and indeed fighting against something that isn’t there.

[The above op-ed was first published December 18, 2011.]

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