Review: David Icke meets Alex Jones

This week, David Icke appeared on the Alex Jones programme; they had much to agree on, and as usual, most of it was total rubbish.

David Icke

A few years ago, Alex Jones said he wouldn’t touch David Icke with a barge pole – only a bit more explicitly. Today, like David Duke and Patricia McAllister, this is another of those oddball marriages that are made in Heaven. Or maybe not so oddball. Mr Icke has now uploaded his interview to his own website. In spite of the gravity of the subject – the Grand Conspiracy which controls us and the weather but apparently not Abū Qatāda - Icke managed to raise a laugh or two. He is shortly to speak in Hawaii, and while he’s there he said, he will try to find Obama’s birth certificate, but doubts he’ll be able to, probably because he won’t look in the right place. He also joked that a certain Mr Netanyahu believes he is the President of the United States. Sadly, this is not a joke, but Netanyahu is surely by now under no illusions that he can treat Obama the way Israel and the lobby we all know doesn’t really exist have treated previous presidents.

Unfortunately, Icke had much to say about blood drinking lizards, human vampires and child sacrifice, sailing very close to the wind indeed when he mentioned Tony Blair, even though the former British Prime Minister has much innocent blood on his hands.

The really disappointing thing about both Icke and Jones is that when they talk simply about the banksters, the non-contentious machinations of the New World Order and the politicians and state legislators who are intent on strangling both business and freedom with red tape, they do a great job. Yes, let’s audit or even abolish the Federal Reserve and return the right to print money to Congress in the US, the Crown in Britain, and sovereign governments elsewhere. but there really is no Chancellery of Zion handing down orders daily to its Satanic servants, like the Canadian MP who argued recently for warrantless searches.

If both men would drop their stupid rhetoric about false flags and all the other nonsense, and concentrate on the real issues, they would be a force for good instead of a freak sideshow that no one in the mainstream gives any credence at all.

[The above review was first published March 9, 2012.]

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