David Icke’s Jewish history lesson is not Kosher

The latest issue of David Icke’s newsletter is devoted in large measure to the evils of “Rothschild Zionism”. Perhaps he should have read some history before he wrote it.

David Icke

Under what heading is an article about David Icke to be listed? Entertainment? That has some merit. Politics? That does too. In the end, Education seems the best bet, because that is what David needs most. For a brief introduction to the former goalkeeper, sports journalist and Green Party activist, click here. If you have perused his website, you might have visited the book order page where you will have found:

“If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free” – anyone got any suggestions? The expected response is two words, the second being “off”.

And “If you are a trade/wholesale customer please contact Linda Atherton at our office address above for our trade/wholesale rates.”

This begs the question, if Icke’s revealed truths are so outrageous, why does he have any distribution at all, for surely the all powerful octopus of Rothschild Zionism would find some way to scupper it, even in the age of the Internet.

If the truth be told, like his American counterpart Alex Jones, Icke is making a comfortable living out of peddling his conspiracy literature; how else could he afford to hire Wembley Arena on October 27 this year?

Tickets are £55.00 with a £7.15 Service Charge. Heck, you can see Michael Chapman at the Lexington tomorrow night for £6 on the door. Now, to Rothschild Zionism.

According to David Icke: “The first Rothschild Zionist Congress was in Basel, Switzerland, in August 1897, but not many realise that it was originally due to take place in Munich, Germany.”

Really David? Tell us more.

“It had to be relocated because of opposition from Jewish people in Germany who did not want to be shipped off to Palestine, as per Rothschild Zionist agenda.”

Actually, it was the rabbis who chased it out of the country denouncing Zionism as “fanaticism, contrary to the Jewish scriptures, and affirmed their undivided loyalty to Germany.”

And a citation: Jews Against Zionism: The American Council for Judaism, 1942-1948, by Thomas A. Kolsky, published by Temple University Press, Philadelphia, (1990), page 17. The man behind what might be called secular Zionism was Theodor Herzl, and both his inspiration and methodology have been well documented. On July 18, 1895, he met with Baron Edmond Rothschild in Paris, who rejected his proposals. Herzl died in 1904, and his vision may have died with him. Certainly, the great Jewish financiers - and there were many at that time - had no interest in Zionism. It was only with the Balfour Declaration of 1917 that the movement really took off, but it took the rise of Nazism and the cooperation of the Zionist movement with the Nazi High Command to spur the Zionist colonisation of Palestine, and eventually the Nakba. And what were the Rothschilds doing all this time? Not a lot, not in Palestine, anyway, although according to Mr Icke, they were doing quite a lot in Germany, in particular bankrolling Hitler.

If that sounds somewhat implausible, it is because Mr Icke subscribes to the Grand Conspiracy theory of history; elsewhere he writes:

“the German region of Bavaria comes up again and again - the home of the infamous Bavarian Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt (who today I would be call a Rothschild Zionist).”

So, the Bavarian Illuminati was based in Bavaria? If it had been based in Lancashire, there would indeed have been a mystery, but in 1776 when the Order of the Illuminati was founded, there was no such entity as Zionism, and Adam Weishaupt was an academic who had a Jesuit education, so that kind of rules out Jews completely, doesn’t it? Only in the rational universe!

Mr Icke also ropes in Larry Silverstein who is identified as yet another Rothschild Zionist rather than a New York landlord. Did someone mention New York? 9/11? Yes, you guessed right, but before you read what Mr Icke has to offer on the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building 7, read this.

There is an alternative history of the Rothschild’s currently being offered for sale: The World’s Banker: a History of the House of Rothschild by Niall Ferguson will set you back £30. Put out by a mainstream publisher, it has 1,040 pages of text and 200 pages of references. Yes David, footnotes, that means the author actually did some research before he put pen to paper. You might like to try it sometime. Start here by downloading a free copy of Herzl’s book Der Judenstaat.

[The above article was first published January 28, 2013.]

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