Duke lacrosse rape liar convicted of murder

Seven years ago, Crystal Gail Mangum nearly destroyed the lives of three innocent young white men. Two years ago she went one better.

Duke lacrosse rape liar Crystal Mangum, the killer of Reginald Daye (below).

The Duke Lacrosse case is one that race-hustler Al Sharpton would rather forget. Having already made a fool of himself over the Tawana Brawley hoax, he went in to bat for Crystal Gail Mangum, the woman who accused three members of the Duke University lacrosse team of gang-raping her. With the twin ingredients of sex and race and additionally the white guys cast as the baddies, a media frenzy was inevitable.

The story told by the “victim” was plausible, she was a student who was making some extra money – working her way through college – by doing some exotic dancing, and those wicked crackers took advantage of her.

It took a full year for her story to unravel, for the charges against the accused to be dropped and for them to be declared innocent – not the duplicitous garbage about “no realistic prospect of a conviction” but innocent.

An examination of Crystal Mangum revealed that she had indeed had sex either that night or very recently. She had semen from no less than four different men inside her, none of it from any of the Duke University lacrosse team. What does that tell you about her?

Mangum was far from the only damned liar in this case; prosecutor Mike Nifong decided to make a name for himself by suppressing exculpatory evidence. He was disbarred, but unfortunately no action was taken against Mangum. Unlike many false rape accusers who fade into anonymity - assuming they are named in the first place - Mangum went on to make a name for herself for all the wrong reasons. She had a tempestuous relationship with Reginald Daye, the tempestuousness being entirely on her side. In February 2010 she was arrested after assaulting him; the charges against her included attempted murder. The following year she went one better and actually killed him. Reginald (Reggie) Daye was taken to hospital, but died some time later. This week, Mangum was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to up to 18 years in prison.

Her trial was filmed, and much of it can be found on YouTube. Here she is testifying. It is clear from this that she is no dumb ho’ off the street but a highly intelligent young woman. In her testimony she does all she can to put the blame on the victim, but asked if she missed him she said she did and that he was “a very good person”, as clearly he was. The same cannot alas be said for this volatile, deceptive and clearly poisonous young woman.

[A few words about the above article, which was published originally November 24, 2013. Well, maybe not such a few! The original did not include the photograph of murder victim Reginald Daye. The phrase “no realistic prospect of a conviction” is used in the UK by the Crown Prosecution Service often as a smear term laden with innuendo when announcing that a case under scrutiny will not result in a prosecution; the other such term is “insufficient evidence”, which means no evidence at all. The usual inference of both terms is this guy is guilty, we know he is guilty, but we can’t prove it. Silverberg took me to task here on account of my comment “What does that tell you about her?” He said they’d had complaints (plural), but when I told him I stood by it, he let it go. I’ll give him credit for that.

One big mistake, the attempted murder charge against Mangum in February 2010 did not concern Reginald Daye but Milton Walker. She beat the rap.

[Now a qualification. I researched this article on-line, but in June and July 2014 I did some more detailed researched. Mangum did not have semen from four different men inside her as reported by at least one blog. The book Race to Injustice: LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE DUKE LACROSSE RAPE CASE, Edited by Michael L. Seigel, published by Carolina Academic Press, Durham, North Carolina, (2009) is a collection of essays on the case. The bottom line is that the initial test at the hospital revealed no semen, blood or saliva inside or on Mangum – a woman who claimed to have been raped vaginally, orally and anally. An enhanced test showed DNA from four unidentified males on the rectal swabs and on her clothing. The other erotic dancer who appeared with her described her rape allegations as a “croc”. As this woman had exchanged angry words with at least one member of the Duke Lacrosse party, her testimony is arguably the most credible of all concerned in that disgraceful affair].

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