Ealing Passenger Transport Usersí Group

Ealing Passenger Transport Usersí Group campaigns at a local level for improved public transport. Unlike many such pressure groups, it has had some limited success.

These successes include the instigation of a Sunday service on one bus route, and the use of longer trains on another service to ease overcrowding.

With a 10 syllabled name, the acronym is easier to swallow. The EPTUG website is run by Mike Tyzack, who took time out to give us a few words.

Alexander Baron: Apart from running the groupís website, what do you do?

Mike Tyzack: My role in EPTUG is vice-chair.

AB: Youíve been around for awhile. Who founded EPTUG, and what inspired them?

MT: EPTUG was founded by John Beeston, Simon Rowley and John Gashion after they had been involved in Ealing Councilís Transport Advisory Committee.

AB: Who funds you?

MT: We donít get any external funding.

AB: Your call to reduce the Heathrow Connect fare sounds more than reasonable. What has been the official response?

MT: On the Heathrow Connect petition, we havenít contacted our GLA member yet so itís too early to say what the official response might be. We are asking that the Mayor negotiate with the owners of Heathrow Connect to come to some arrangement such that the fare is no higher than if the BAA tracks were part of zone 6.

AB: Finally, how do you feel about fare-free travel, if on a limited scale with buses, etc?

MT: We have never pressed for free travel - it is not our policy.

A crowded train at Southall.

The above requires some explanation for non-Londoners. Public transport in the capital - Underground and buses - is now run by Transport For London. For travel purposes, the capital is split up into zones, and ticket prices are based on this. Zones 1 & 2 are Central London, but Heathrow Airport is in zone 6. It is possible to buy daily (including off-peak) travel cards, weekly cards and so on; these are also valid on overground trains, but not on the Heathrow Connect service, which runs between Hayes & Harlington station and Heathrow. This service is owned and run by BAA, the holding company of which is Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited.

[The above article was first published November 19, 2012; the original wasnít archived.]

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