Review: ‘Electric Dreams: The Giorgio Moroder Story’


Can Donna Summer really have been dead for a year? This two part documentary about her collaborator Giorgio Moroder is presented by hitmaker Nile Rodgers.

Donna Summer died May 12 last year. This BBC Radio documentary was produced to coincide with the first anniversary, and the man presenting it has an impressive track record in her genre himself.

The man who helped take the American diva to worldwide success during the 70s disco boom – a boom they rode after helping create – was backroom boy Giorgio Moroder, but although most aficionados will have known this, how many will have realised Moroder wrote Son Of My Father, the first UK number one to feature a synthesiser? Okay, so the words are rubbish, but this is only one of a large number of hit songs to which the name Moroder is attached.

This two part documentary covers those and much more, including Moroder’s private life; it features interviews with the man himself, and with the late Donna Summer.

The sheer output of Moroder and his hit factory is breath-taking. Check out his official website, and see for yourself.

This episode – which is currently on BBC iplayer – concentrates on the artists with whom he has worked in his long career. The next episode covers his film work.

[The above article was first published May 15, 2013; the original wasn’t archived.]

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