Full Tilt Poker is business as usual

Second night back on-line, Full Tilt Poker is gaining momentum, and there is every indication that it will be as good as before if not better.

Four King Hell! Quads scoop the pot in the $5 stud hi-lo.

There is still the little issue of rakeback, but the new bonus scheme, called The Edge, certainly looks attractive, and appears to be easier to qualify for than the previous Iron Man Challenge. First night back after the Black Friday domain seizures, the 23.45 stud hi lo tournament (UK time) was cancelled due to only one person showing up.

Last night it had 20 runners and paid 3 places, which is a lot fewer than at one time, but give it a week or two and we could be seeing a decent turnout. This was not so hot, I bubbled, always an unpleasant feeling in such a small field, but some nights just arenít that great.

Full Tiltís new loyalty scheme, The Edge.

Before that I entered two of the regular freerolls including the $100 UK Freeroll. I cashed in this for the first time ever. Iíve played this but seldom because I canít usually be bothered to play a tournament that pays only 27 places with five hundred or even a thousand plus runners. Last night there were 674 entries; I finished 17th collecting $2.

There are bigger and better offerings in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled, especially with Christmas fast approaching.

November 8, 2012: Aces hold up in the $100 UK Freeroll.

November 8, 2012: All-in with A-7, I follow with pocket queens, and flop a house. I was doing well in this tournament for quite a while, but couldnít cash.

Apparently if you patronise Full Tilt, you are a true player!

Four aces in the $100 Freeroll.

Busted out of the $100 Freeroll, see also below.

Finishing 17th in the $100 Freeroll, Our Hero picked up the princely sum of $2.00.

[The above was published originally as an article on November 9, 2012 then after being deactivated the same day was reposted as a blog].

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