George Osborne comes clean about Bilderberg


How do we know what our leaders do at Bildeberg meetings? Well, we could always write and ask them. George Osborne has replied, to a degree.

The Hotel de Bilderberg is a hotel in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands where the Bilderberg Group first met in 1954.

Thirty years ago they laughed at people like me. They’re not laughing now. At one time it was only conspiracy theorists and right wing cranks who talked about the global manipulators. Today it’s people like Michael Meacher, who has been a Labour MP since before many of you reading this were born.

I wrote to the Chancellor on May 7 asking about his reported appearance at the then forthcoming Watford Bilderberg meeting.

Having received no reply by last weekend, I drafted another letter and delivered both this and a copy of the original in person to Westminster yesterday on my way to the British Library. When I got home yesterday evening I opened...the reply to my first letter.

You can read the correspondence so far here, but basically, yes, the Chancellor did attend the Bilderberg meeting as a private individual, although HM Treasury picked up the tab. Hopefully the reply to my second letter will bring a positive response to the issue of debt-free money, for why should the British Government or any government pay interest (your taxes) on something banks create out of thin air, when they can do the same thing themselves?

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Her Majesty’s Treasury.

[The above article was published originally June 21, 2013.]

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