Get Your Free Ticket With PokerStars

PokerStars, the world’s largest poker site, is offering regular players a free entry into its Turbo Championship of Online Poker. Other sites are offering bigger prizes.

Bear in in mind though that as a certain Mr Friedman was fond of telling us, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Actually, there is in practice, if somebody else pays. Between January 19 and 29, PokerStars is running a special series of tournaments billed as the Turbo Championship of Online Poker. Turbo means fast, that is the blinds and antes rise faster than in regular tournaments. Usually turbo tournaments involve 3 minute or 5 minute blinds; full details can be found on the site’s special promotions page for the 50 tournament event. To qualify for your free $22 ticket, simply make a deposit of $60.00 or more before January 19.

Betfair is currently offering a $50,000 Raked Hands Frenzy; to be eligible for this, players must opt in on the Betfair site. And play mega amounts of cash games.

There is also a rather complex leaderboard on offer for sit and go players which will distribute a $10,000 prize pool between the top two hundred weekly. Again, this means playing mega amounts to qualify.

Titan Poker is currently offering a number of promotions to both new and regular players, including a $3,000 beginners’ race, and satellites and super satellites to the Irish Open 2012, which will be held in Dublin this April.

Titan is also one of a number of poker sites that have Facebook Freerolls; for your shot at free money, join the special Facebook group, press the like button and away you go. If you’re very lucky you may win a dollar or two on Sunday with William Hill. Or you can elect to grind it out on PokerStars in a stud hi lo, like your humble correspondent below.

TheDarkMan wins the $3 + 30c Stud Hi Lo on January 9 2012. 39 runners, 6 places paid.

Hitting a Royal Flush on SunPoker, September 16, 2008.

[The above was originally published January 11, 2012].

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