Greek ‘tax dodgers’ and the real financial parasites


According to a certain high profile figure on the international stage, the Greeks, especially their leaders are tax dodging parasites, but who are the real plunderers of nations?

Meet Christine Lagarde, the woman who has provided this list of supposed tax dodgers. In case you didn’t know, Mrs Lagarde is the head honcho of the misnamed International Monetary Fund, and according to the Daily Mail, earlier this year she receives:

£298,675-a-year untaxed
and a further tax-free allowance package of £52,000.

That’s without mentioning such things as free lunches, jaunts to various parts of the world, and so on. No wonder she’s smiling.

The money Greeks have salted away is said to amount to 1.5 billion Euros, which sounds a lot, but to a country the size of Greece, is chicken feed. What would happen to this money if it were appropriated by the Greek Government? It would disappear down the black hole of debt, that’s what, and would impoverish a large number of innocent people into the bargain.

In the UK, Nick Clegg has been making similar noises about the rich; the rhetoric may sound good to the housewife and the man in the street, but following his advice would be a recipe for disaster.

Christine Lagarde’s organisation has no money of its own; it produces nothing, what it does is steal money from the rich nations – including its at times far from rich citizens – then redistributes it arbitrarily after taking its own cut which includes telephone number salaries, producing reams of useless reports, a plush headquarters, fleets of limousines, the works.

Here is a short video that sums up the cause of our malaise. It is not Greeks, rich or poor, who are the problem, it is banksters like Christine Lagarde and their political frontmen. If we really want to save billions, we can start by making her redundant, and everyone else at the IMF.

[The above article was first published October 5, 2012; the original wasn’t archived.]

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