Glasgow rockers Gun are back

In 1989, Gun hit the UK music scene with Taking On The World, but although they enjoyed some follow up success, they faded into obscurity.

The front cover of Gunís debut album.

Although London has always been the music capital of the UK, Liverpool (the Beatles and others) and Glasgow have made significant contributions since at least the 1950s. Al Stewart was born in Glasgow; as was Alex Harvey (the Scottish Tommy Steele); and the commercial 1960-70s group The Marmalade.

The band Gun was formed in 1987, and broke through two years later with a single Better Days and the album Taking On The World. They received a lot of airplay, and certainly lived up to the hype, but where are they now?

Well, theyíve never quite gone away, even after they split up, and four years ago they were back. On Wednesday, September 12 they will be playing their home town, followed by dates at Ipswich, Oxford and then not London but Paris, Amsterdam and Krefeld, Germany.

If you canít see them, check out their website and some of the excellent material on YouTube.

[The above article was first published September 10, 2012; the original wasnít archived.]

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