Playing the William Hill Sunday Facebook Freeroll

Even in these times of austerity it is still possible to find plenty of freebies if you know where to look, like to the Internet, and poker tournaments that require no bankroll.

November 13, 2011: Auntie Edna sucks out against a guy slow-playing kings in the William Hill Sunday Facebook Freeroll.

There is a free poker tournament every hour somewhere on the Internet, if you know where to look. In fact there are probably several, some have strings attached, others don’t. All poker sites have loyalty schemes and special offers for regular players, including loyalty tournaments. You can qualify for these by playing cash games or tournaments daily. On some sites like PartyPoker and PokerStars, you earn points for everytime you play, both tournaments and cash games; you can use these points to buy in to tournaments.

Also, when you first sign up with a poker site, there may be a new depositors’ freeroll, or even a series of them. Some sites even have birthday tournaments for the month of your birth. You should also watch out for special events, such as Christmas tournaments.

Then there is rakeback or cashback; this is where you get paid to play. Check out rakeback here. If you want to play free tournaments and nothing else, you can locate them through a dedicated poker site such as Freerolls.Net or FBNPoker.Com.

Every Sunday, William Hill runs a Facebook Freeroll at 4pm UK time. There is a £500 prize pool and usually around 600 runners with 80 places paid. To enter, all you have to do is sign up with William Hill, go to your Facebook account - of course you have one! - and click the like button on the William Hill page. The William Hill £500 Facebook Freeroll is No Limit Hold ’Em, like most but by no means all freerolls. This means it is extremely risky, and you might get busted out by a total moron who sucks out on you with a garbage hand, but as it’s free, you have nothing to lose.

AuntieEdna is a dedicated freeroll and small stakes player. Last Sunday, she, or rather he, finished 25th winning £3.25. Wow, you say, okay, but if you’re on-line all afternoon anyway, it’s costing you nothing.

Suck-outs and rewards for bad play work both ways. Below is a hand from that tournament; the guy with the kings was slow-playing, and paid the price.

Later, Auntie was all-in short-stacked with connectors. Up against pocket 10s, he hit a magic river, a gutshot to fill a straight.

Today, he didn’t quite make the prize money, even after trebling up with aces - see below - but apart from watching the EastEnders omnibus, or going to church, he had nothing better to do. Maybe he’ll get lucky next week?

November 20, 2011: November 13, 2011: AuntieEdna hits a magic river on his way to finishing 25th in the William Hill Sunday Facebook Freeroll.

November 20, 2011: Aces hold up against two hands.

[The above article was published originally November 20, 2011.]

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