The ‘world’s greatest spirit medium’ to visit Croydon

June Field has been called the world’s greatest spirit medium. If you have £17.50 to spare, you can see her in Croydon next month.

We know Mrs Field is the world’s greatest spirit medium extant because she was awarded that de facto title in December last year when she came first out of 70,000 entries and 11 finalists to win the trophy in a televised contest in the Ukraine. Not only that, one of the judges was magician and er, magician, Uri Geller. High praise indeed. Well, no.

More high praise can be found on her official website from numerous testimonials, although there is one curious desideratum. While in the Ukraine for this epic battle of the psychics, she claims “I was asked to work with the police to help find a murderer. I gave specific evidence of a tattoo on his right shoulder, a scar on his finger, his car colour, 3 numbers of his number plate and the smell of oil or gasoline from him. I described the area he would have worked. He was caught regrettably after committing another murder but had a tattoo which he had tried to remove and also a scar he tried to laser off as well as the other pieces of evidence listed. He was convicted.”

This is a truly remarkable claim; has any psychic throughout history done anything half as extraordinary? More to the point, has Mrs Field?

Anyone reading this who might be in the audience at the Ashcroft Theatre on September 17 is invited to ask her for a copy of her testimonial letter from the Ukrainian police, or perhaps a copy of her witness statement.

Come to think of it, isn’t Mrs Field resident psychic for the Sunday Post newspaper in her native Scotland? Surely her editor or one of her fellow hacks would be interested in writing up this massive story. Probably not, the only spirits in which most journalists are interested are those that come out of a bottle.

Someone who is not impressed with either Mrs Field or psychics in general is Bob Cash. This may or may not be his real name, but his comment below was posted to a video clip called June Field – Psychic Detective 3/5, which was uploaded by Mrs Field. It was flagged as spam, and has now been blocked from UK viewing. Hmm.

As for Mrs Field, she appears to have a second string to her bow. On her website she is flogging a CD called Songs To Soothe The Soul, which she says are “some of the songs that have touched me over the years”.

They include You Light Up My Life and Ave Maria, and to be perfectly frank, she sounds rather good, to the untrained ear, at least. Or to put it another way, if on the strength of her rendition of Ave Maria, you were told Mrs Field made her living as a classical singer, you would not find that difficult to swallow. On the other hand, solving a murder by wandering the astral plane...hmm?

Fortunately, Mrs Field appears never to have met James Randi, otherwise she might well be singing an entirely different song: Ghostbusters!

[The above was published originally on August 17, 2013. On August 26, Silverberg told me they would be deleting this article later that day due to its being defamatory. I tried to reason with him, but as usual he ignored me. On December 30 it reappeared mysteriously, although still deactivated. I published a similar article on AllVoices and the fucking bitch had that deleted too. There were more than a dozen comments to the article, mostly between her and me. I have not bothered to save these.]

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