The Knockout Game — A sickening new trend

If you thought boxing was the knockout game, think again. This is not a sport, and is already responsible for a number of deaths.

Last year, a deranged drug addict attacked a young girl in the End End of London, knocking her out with one punch. This act of madness earned him a four year sentence. The only mitigation for Michael Ayoade’s attack on Tasneem Kabir was his mental state. What mitigation does an otherwise rational person have for carrying out such an attack?

Difficult as it is to believe, there are gangs in the United States who are indeed attempting to knock out strangers in the street with a single punch. This has been called the knockout game, only game it is not.

Here is a recent video of this “game” from YouTube. There are, unfortunately, many more such videos on the site, and although this is not an entirely new phenomenon, there have been many attacks in recent weeks. Here is another report of this “one hitter quitter”, an attack on a 78 year old woman. As the man in the yarmulke said, an attack of this nature on any elderly person is potentially fatal.

To date, the perpetrators of these assaults appear to be exclusively both young and black, the victims of any age, and overwhelming but apparently not exclusively, white. There have been recent reports of two deaths, both of men.

At least one of these thugs has picked on the wrong pigeon; Marvell Weaver’s victim – who appears to have been black – drew a gun on him and shot him twice. Weaver should think himself lucky to have escaped with a year behind bars and no permanent injury.

[The above article was published originally November 22, 2013. The photograph exhibited here was deleted and replaced with an old photograph and a linked video.]

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