Late Night Hold ’Em On The Cheap


I know I said I wasn’t gonna do this again, but after a terrible afternoon on the tables playing games which have an element of skill, and getting both failed by the cards and outdrawn by total muppets drawing to garbage, I wanted to go to bed if not happy then without a sense of total and utter helplessness. This was the result.

The first set of screengrabs is from a $1.50 sit and go on PokerStars. See the last one for details. The second set is from the 23.00 on WPT Poker. There were 9,853 runners, and as usual 1,100 places paid. Due partly to a large number of ghosts, I was able to accummulate a fair number of chips early on, and was never in any danger of not cashing.

Each set is in chronological order. Below the dotted line are several screengrabs from earlier no limit hold ’em tournaments as shown.

October 28, 2012: First hand of the tournament; one reason I never raise with pocket 7s!

October 28, 2012: Some people can never fold a draw.

October 28, 2012: This was a raising war, the pocket jacks losing out to a cruel river.

October 28, 2012: A small pre-flop raise and a nice flop, but no takers for the nut flush.

October 28-9, 2012: Cashing in a small no limit hold ’em sit and go.

October 28-9, 2012: This guy got too clever by half.

October 28-9, 2012: The nut flush on the river.

October 28-9, 2012: AJ raised then made a class fold to an all-in. A nice flop for pocket kings!

October 28-9, 2012: A nice flop for an unraised big blind, but no takers.

October 28-9, 2012: Congratulations, you have won 7c.


May 18, 2012: That magic river again.

May 19, 2012: The moron who can never fold an ace, again. This time, too close to home!

August 11, 2012: A straight on the turn holds up.

August 11, 2012: House of kings.

September 2, 2012: Auntie hits a straight flush in the William Hill Facebook Freeroll.

September 11, 2012: Quad kings.

September 12, 2012: Full house on the river, but there was no showdown.

September 17, 2012: Trip 8s hold up on a dangerous board.

September 20, 2012: The first hand on the tournament, and the unraised big blind wins with garbage.

October 28, 2012: Aces against kings, all-in pre-flop.

[The above article was published originally October 29, 2012 as a blog with 15 screengrabs; the others were added later.]

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