The latest false rape round up

A woman gaoled for making false marital rape allegations has lost her appeal. Others had little appeal in the first place, including Christine Jordan, who had consensual sex with a man who couldn’t even remember her name.

Pips Taylor was recently given space by the BBC to indict the men of Britain, plucking figures for unreported rape statistics out of thin air. Here, we concentrate on actual cases of false allegations. This short round up of recent proven fabrications is in no particular order. The first concerns marital rape, which is a fairly new development in English law.

Three years ago, the non-victim’s husband was charged with six counts of rape – on her word alone – pleaded not guilty, and no evidence was offered against him when he appeared at Mold Crown Court, Wales. Then she admitted she had accused him falsely, and was charged with perverting the course of justice.

She was sentenced to eight months imprisonment – and a man convicted of six rapes would have received?...ask Thomas Haynesworth.

This was a woman who clearly wanted to have her cake and eat it; you can read the judgment of her failed appeal here. Paragraph 70 is very interesting.

It is over ten thousand miles from Wales to Melbourne, Australia, but false allegations are the same everywhere. Karly Enid Jean Mitchel is obviously a bit of a ladette, and when the 25 year old was arrested by two of the local plod for getting tanked up in public, she retaliated by accusing them of groping her breasts and worse. Though police officers can shoot innocent men with impunity, groping a female is treated as the crime it is. Or isn’t, in this case. And although they may not like CCTV cameras anymore than the rest of us, they were glad of them in this case. Miss Mitchel – no anonymity for this brazen liar – was fined $2,000. And a police officer who had been convicted of groping a woman’s breast and “touching her inner thighs and outside her crotch” would have been fined? His pension, to begin with.

Still at the Antipodes, another blatantly false allegation, this time by a 15 year old girl in Hamliton, New Zealand, was exposed late last month. In view of her age, she can expect nothing more serious than a slap on the wrist.

Finally, another case from the UK that was reported here at the beginning of February. Christine Jordan had a one night stand with a stranger, then accused him of raping her when he was so unchivalrous as to forget her name. Now, the Daily Mail reports today that this shameless liar has been given a two year sentence. It may be April Fool’s Day, but this is one young lady who has nothing to laugh about.

[The above article was first published April 1, 2012.]

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