The fight for Lewisham Hospital continues

The fight by grass roots activists to save the accident and emergency department at London’s Lewisham Hospital continues. Those backing the campaign include local politicians and hospital staff.

Dr Louise Irvine speaking to the media at the meeting to save Lewisham Hospital’s
Accident & Emergency Department, November 8, 2012.

A public meeting has been called for Thursday, April 25 in the Great Hall at Goldsmiths University. This latest meeting is scheduled for 7pm; speakers include Dr Louise Irvine, who is pictured below speaking to the media at a meeting in November last year.

For more details, visit the dedicated Save Lewisham Hospital website. If you don’t understand why it is so important for local accident and emergency departments to be kept open, here are a couple of things to mull over. In 1957, there was a serious train crash at Lewisham which resulted in many dead. Earlier this year there was a helicopter crash at Vauxhall, South London. Fortunately, this latter resulted in only two deaths, but the toll could have been much worse. Imagine it had, and that the nearest facility capable of handling it had been an additional five or perhaps ten miles away. What would this have done to the death toll, in particular anyone who had been seriously injured and needed immediate treatment? All these factors and more have been considered by campaigners; the only thing that appears to have been considered by the government is the immediate cost, but in a worse case scenario it is not the accountants who will pay the price.

[The above article was first published April 21, 2013.]

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