The Lewisham Means Business Exhibition


If you ventured into Catford Library recently you may have found nestling in one of the racks by the door a leaflet advertising a one day exhibition: Lewisham Means Business.

There is a dedicated website which looks fairly professional, but take a closer look and you will find at least one coding error – this page – and something far more serious, there is no proper contact page/form/address.

The one day/all day event is organised by the borough in conjunction with the Federation of Small Businesses and NatWest Bank, but what does it have to offer?

Well, one of its “great speakers” is Ola Agbaimoni, the so-called Business Detective, and her advice?

Want more customers? Give them a HUG!

Dave Lee Travis tried that, and look where it got him.

Ola might not be so unlucky on account of her feminine wiles. On second thoughts, she is bald, so perhaps she’d better watch her back too.

Although Lewisham is not exactly a hub for entrepreneurs, there is a fair amount of commerce in the borough, but whoever put this together should have given it more thought. On the plus side, tickets are free, alternatively you can save your bus fare by staying home and watching the daytime soaps.

[See The “Digital Journal” Era for why this was pulled.]

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