The London Guitar Festival 2013


From October 23-31, the Royal College of Music will be hosting the London Guitar Festival. It is strictly acoustic. Well, almost.

Alas neither Ted Turner nor any of the other big names that crafted melodic rock will be attending, but there will be a master class with Dario Cortese, a tutor who specialises in Country Music. There is also a bit of jazz and a session with Jay Stapley.

One of the really big names is John Dowland; he won’t be attending in person because he died in 1626, but Graham Anthony Devine will be playing at least one of his compositions.

Details can be found on the King’s Place website, though beware, not all events are held at the same venue. The prices are also somewhat higher than most people would either hope or expect, but there are some free events.

[The above article was first published September 29, 2013; the original wasn’t archived. The guitarist in the associated photograph is Ana Vidović.]

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