Lord Ahmed and the Jewish conspiracy


On Christmas Day 2007, Lord Ahmed killed a man when his car hit another, stationary car. He spent 16 days in prison, apparently at the behest of the Elders of Zion.

Is there an International Jewish Conspiracy? According to the Neturei Karta there is, it even has a name: Zionism. Like those other great conspiracies of our age: American “Imperialism”, the organised homosexual movement, feminism, socialism, and of course the banksters’ conspiracy, it operates openly most of the time, churning out its lies and propaganda to a largely credulous audience of true believers.

Is this Jewish Conspiracy all-powerful? Can it reach into our courtrooms? It has certainly reached into our Parliament, but it remains to be seen if it can order a judge to sentence a man to gaol for a specific offence at a specific time. This is what Lord Nazir Ahmed appears to be claiming. Lord Ahmed is a controversial figure, and clearly his own biggest fan, certainly he has a track record for courting controversy, but he may have gone too far this time.

The Labour Peer has just been suspended while the Party investigates comments attributed to him in a recently unearthed TV interview, in Urdu, last year.

At Christmas 2007, Lord Ahmed crashed his car on the M1 killing Martyn Gombar, a man not yet thirty. For driving so recklessly, wasting this young life, and sending text messages while driving, he received a 12 week prison sentence.

Earlier this week, former government minister Chris Huhhe and his ex-wife were given nearly thrice that apiece, and they didn’t kill anyone.

Although sentenced to 12 weeks, Lord Ahmed served only 16 days before he was freed by two Gentile judges. The road safety charity Brake was not happy with this. Many people would say he got off rather lightly. So how did these Jews pressurise the courts to hand him down this “heavy” sentence? Well, here is one scenario:

“Hi, can I speak to the Lord Chancellor? Great, this is Mark Zuckerberg. Yeah, the Mark Zuckerberg. Listen, I’ve just been informed that Lord Nazir Ahmed is up on a dangerous driving charge. What do I want? Well, basically I want you to arrange for this guy to be sent down for three months. Yeah, that’s right.

I was told about this by one of my Jewish pornographer friends, and he said...what do you mean ‘F*** off?’”

Lord Ahmed may not realise it, but real conspiracies ‐ Jewish and other – simply don’t work like that.

[Silverberg pulled this last article after 29 pageviews because he said it was anti-Semitic. I can’t imagine where he got that idea from. Seriously. Perhaps I should ask Harold Covington for a second opinion? Having said that, it is as much satire as news, but I feel he should have let it ride. I believe originally it was published with a photograph of Lord Ahmed, failing that, one of Mark Zuckerberg, but I have not bothered with either here.]

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