Middle East — Is Peace Possible?

A week today there will be a meeting at the House of Commons on this vitally important issue. Admission is free, but because of the venue, expect to queue.

There are many public meetings at the Palace of Westminster, but even though the rooms used for them are large, space is limited, and hopefully there will be a large turn out for this one.

MIDDLE EAST IS PEACE POSSIBLE? is the title of a leaflet going round, and it advertises five speakers for the 6pm meeting: Jeremy Corbyn, Marwan Darweish, Julia Hüusermann, Vijay Mehta, and perhaps most interestingly, Tim Llewellyn, former Middle East Correspondent for the BBC. Certainly his appearance will go down a lot better with Gilad Atzmon than with the likes of Abraham Foxman.

[The above very short op-ed was first published November 1, 2012; the original wasnít published I canít remember if I uploaded the above photograph of Jeremy Corbyn.]

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