More free money from the world’s leading poker sites

Poker players are spoilt for choice with so many special promotions. Some are so special they are not reserved for special occasions but seem to be running continuously.

September 3, 2012: Scooping with a king flush in the limit hold ’em freeroll on Party Poker.

Notice this report is filed under Entertainment rather than Business, because as ever, free money does not mean easy money. We begin with something that is not quite continuous. Celeb Poker has just merged with Titan Poker, and the latter has taken over its user base. All new Titan clients have been offered a new depositor bonus, and Titan is itself offering a hefty monthly bonus for all its regulars, but be aware that it will take some heavy time at the tables to clear it.

Having just hosted a Summer Millions promotion, Party Poker and its sister site WPT have launched an Autumn Millions. Anyone wanna bet that a Winter Millions and then a Spring Millions will follow? Seriously, where else can you get free entertainment and a chance to make a dollar too? Well, a few cents anyway.

If you sign up for this site or for any other, be sure to do so through an affiliate like RakeTheRake or RakeBack.Org for even more freebies.

Ladbrokes claims to be Europe’s largest poker site; it has a slew of promotions at the moment but most of them sound better than they really are. However, the new player freerolls and the regular daily freerolls are still worth playing if you don’t dream of growing rich. Ladbrokes is also a leading high street bookmaker, so you can back the horses, the dogs and selected sports events too, including boxing.

Which brings us to the PokerStars depositor freerolls. This seems to be another of those perennial promotions, but don’t knock it. For a mininum deposit of £7 or $10 (and entering the special bonus code at the cashier), you can currently play 4 special freerolls daily, and other not-so-special ones besides. To see how this may work out in practice - if you’re lucky - check out the screengrabs below, but don’t give up the day job!

September 7, 2012: A Depositor Freeroll on PokerStars. 17,724 runners, 5874 rebuys, 917 add-ons, 2,700 places paid. Total prize pool $3,037.50. The secret is not to rebuy. And apparently to start with the worst hand possible.

September 7, 2012: A Depositor Freeroll on PokerStars. The mighty AK holds up, the suited big slick flops the nut flush, barring someone holding 7-9 spades, which can never be ruled out the way some people play.

September 7, 2012: A Depositor Freeroll on PokerStars. AK suited holds up for the second time in this tournament.

September 7, 2012: A Depositor Freeroll on PokerStars. After being dealt some good hands and making some hard folds, 1 hour 48 minutes of labour is rewarded with 42c for finishing in 1,531st place. The moral of this story is threefold: NEVER rebuy in a freeroll, ever; multitask - so your time at the tables is not entirely wasted. And don’t give up the day job.

[The above was published originally September 8, 2012.]

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