Mind Sports Olympiad 2012 is underway


The Mind Sports Olympiad is now underway, and according to Etan Ilfeld, entries are up on last year. There are also new games and a surprise for Thursday.

Tony Corfe


The Mind Sports Olympiad 2012 is underway at the same London venue as last year. Okay, so it’s not the Olympics but there is no airline style security, no rip off prices and no one is going to so much as pull a muscle by over-exertion. Having said that, Tony Corfe and his team will be putting in some heavy hours. This event has been held annually since 1997, and he has run it every year.

His regular team includes Etan Ilfeld – inventor of chess diving – Josef Kollar and David Kotin. There are the usual regular games like chess and backgammon, but the big one this year appears to be Blokus, a relatively new board game.

There are several special tuition sessions, and Thursday there will be a surprise game that will count towards the Pentamind Championship, which this year has a £700 prize pool, and a Ladies Championship.

Regular gamesters: standing far left is Ken Ho; seated facing the camera are Andres Kuusk,
defending Pentamind Champion, and David Pearce the 2007 and 2008 Champion. David
Kotin is one of MSO’s most dedicated supporters, both a competitor and a regular member
of team Corfe.

[The above article was first published August 20, 2012.]

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