Mind Sports Olympiad 2013

Tony Corfe.

Tony Corfe and his small but dedicated team are staging the Mind Sports Olympiad for the 17th year in a row, at its new regular venue.

Below are some photographs he supplied for this site.

Details of the MSO events to date can be found on the official MSO website. The MSO finishes on August 25, and next year’s event has already been confirmed.



Watching a game in one of the chess tournaments. Ankush Khandelwal and Martyn
Hamer are long time regulars as well as both very strong chess players.



These contestants are playing continuo. At the far end are twice World Pentamind
champion David Pearce and mental calculations wizard George Lane.



At the front is Tim Hebbes, World Pentamind Champion in 2005 and 2009.



Another view of the same room, see previous photograph.



The Chinese game of Gomoku is one of the oldest board games in the world.
The man with the back to his camera is Andrew Havery, who is also a
member of Team Corfe.



The man in the BOKU shirt is Team Corfe member Josef Kollar.



These two books were both written by MSO regulars;
Dario De Toffoli is the reigning World Pentamind Champion.

[The above article was first published August 22, 2013. All the above photographs apart from the one of Tony Corfe at the top of the page were taken by Etan Ilfeld.]

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