The Mind Sports Olympiad starts next month

The Mind Sports Olympiad will be held in London next month starting August 15. The venue is University of London Union, the same as last year.

Tony Corfe

The Mind Sports Olympiad was first held in 1997, at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank. This year will be the third in a row for what appears to be its permanent new home.

With the first events it was hoped this annual gathering of gamesters worldwide would become a standard bearer; sadly due to problems that can’t be discussed here, that early promise was not fulfilled, but it is a tribute to the grit of Tony Corfe and his small but dedicated team of volunteers that MSO is still here, and it appears that now it may well grow steadily.

The schedule for the full ten days can be found on the new, revamped MSO website. Games include regulars like Backgammon, the little known Settlers Of Catan, Cribbage, various Draughts, the African game Oware, and games by Peter Burley. There will also be Creative Thinking and Computer Programming, the latter of which will be run by MSO founder David Levy.

Etan Ilfeld presents a medal to Andrew Havery. Andrew is not only a long time competitor but a member of team Corfe.

[The above article was first published July 26, 2013.]

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