Paedophile Michael Jackson gaoled for life


Last November, a paedophile with the unfortunate name of Michael Jackson kidnapped a young boy. Today, he got his just deserts.

Michael Jackson

This Michael Jackson was brought to book in the West Midlands after a public spirited lady named Jean Masih alerted the police, as reported here at the time. Jackson, who is white – just like his namesake! – appeared before Mr Justice Walsh at Wolverhampton Crown Court where he was given an indeterminate sentence. He had also abducted a girl, in September last year, and unsurprisingly had convictions for indecent assault dating to the 1980s.

Although an indeterminate sentence is technically not a life sentence, it allows the authorities to ensure that an offender will not be released until he is deemed no longer a risk to the public, which in Jackson’s case will not be for many years.

It is perhaps none too surprising either that he was not born with the name he disgraces; he was previously known as Albert English.

[The above was article first published November 5, 2012.]

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