Sex pervert doctor gets 12 years


A perverted doctor who preyed on his patients – women and girls – has been sentenced to 12 years at Swindon Crown Court.

Two months ago, Dr Jeet Bains was convicted of 39 sexual offences. The grand total came to over a hundred charges because in addition to 13 of assault by penetration (which some would call rape), 2 of sexual activity with a child, 11 of sexual assault and 13 of voyeurism, he asked for 65 other offences to be taken into consideration.

This was an extraordinary case in which he used what was alluded to as James Bond type equipment – a camera hidden in a wrist watch.

Davinderjit Bains, Jeet Bains or Dr Davinder Bains (transliterations vary) was told by the trial judge “You are a disgrace to the medical profession”, something he’d probably realised already.

In addition to his 12 year sentence he has been placed on the sex offenders’ register. He is currently suspended from medical practice, but this is only a technicality. At some point, probably later this year, there will be a formal hearing by the General Medical Council at which he will be struck off.

At the time of writing – May 2013 – Dr Davinder Bains has been suspended from practice. He will shortly be struck off the Medical Register for good, having been found to have disgraced his profession.

[The above article was first published May 24, 2013; the original wasn’t archived.]

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