Playing The Party Poker Sunday Bankroll Booster

Even in this economic climate there is still plenty of free money out there if you know where to look. Free money, not easy money!

March 25, 2012: The Sunday Bankroll Booster on Party Poker; our hero and the unfortunate guy with jacks.

Now the Black Friday domain seizures are if not a distant memory then for the moment in the past, the major poker sites - with the exceptions of Absolute and the tragic Full Tilt - have recovered and readjusted to a future without American players. Party Poker is one of the bigger sites, and one of the most generous. At the moment it is offering a number of promotions, including its regular Bankroll Booster. This Sunday tournament - No Limit Hold íEm - is fairly easy to qualify for. This particular Sunday it saw 9,569 runners competing for the $5,000 prize pool with a first prize of $730.00. As it paid no less than 1,100 places, you had a reasonable chance of winning at least a dollar if you were dealt good cards, played them well, and had a little bit of luck.

Our hero wasnít doing particularly well to start with but he got lucky later, including beating AQ with AJ all-in before the flop. After winning the above hand with aces, he was in 10th place, and after cracking aces with jacks he was in 7th place. He finished in 52nd place winning $7.00 after a shade over 4 hours 50 minutes at the table. As he was multi-tasking, what had he to lose?

Itís always nice to get something for nothing, but minimum wage is? $7 in 5 hours - do the math!

The same tournament, our hero cracks aces with 9s, and is in with a chance of making the final table. Alas...

Quad 7s beat 8s full.

[The above was published originally March 26, 2012].

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