WPT Poker at 15c per hour


It’s a good thing I can multitask, because if I had sat at the poker table for 4 hours and 14 minutes to walk away with 65c I think I would have cried. As things go, I was writing for this site – which pays even less – and watching videos as well. The ten screengrabs here are all from the $250.00 No Limit Hold ’Em Freeroll played nightly on Party Poker and its skin, WPT Poker. There were 9,137 runners and 1,100 places paid. Unlike the Depositor Freerolls on PokerStars, this is a freezeout. From the above figures you can tell that it is not terribly difficult to cash – with the usual caveat of a bit of luck – but difficult indeed to make the final table. I nearly did, and perhaps should have.

Outflopped by ace rag, pocket 8s come good with a flush on the river.

The nut straight on the turn with a Royal Flush draw, but the board pairs and the short stack is destroyed on the river.

Rivered again!

Pocket 9s hold up in a 3 way pot.

Winning a big pot with a house of jacks at level 20.

Jacks are outflopped by big slick, but come good on the river.

Big slick holds up against garbage after a scary flop.

It’s always the ones you fold that win; if I play here, I make quads.

I fold the garbage – but winning – hand.

Outdrawn by the moron who can never fold an ace. The last hand for me, and I finished in 13th place.

[The above article was published originally as a blog October 7, 2012; all ten screengrabs are from September 23-4, 2012.]

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