Poker — Big prizes for small buy-ins and cash awards for grinders

PokerStars, the world’s largest poker site, is offering big rewards for small outlays. Another site is offering bonuses for players who grind away at the cash tables.

A royal flush on PokerStars in a pot limit hold ’em tournament, August 27, 2007.

All poker sites have occasional freerolls as well as tournaments with micro buy-ins. PokerStars is unique or almost unique in offering nano buy-ins. Currently this site offers sit and go’s with buy-ins from as little as 2c, and regular tournaments from 10c in addition to tournaments with points buy-ins, and now a special promotion is extending this to a festival. The PokerStars MicroMillions runs from March 12-25 and has buy-ins from as little as 11c. Full details can be found here, and if you aren’t already a member of PokerStars, you can sign up here.

This is an offer that no small stakes on-line poker player should turn down. While high stakes poker is an obscenity, nano-stakes is nearly free entertainment. Think of it like this, if you go to the pub or a night spot, it will hit you in your wallet, and that is without train fares, petrol, parking fines and Heaven knows what else. If you pay 11c or even two or three dollars for an hour or two at the tables, that it paying for your entertainment, which beats paying for your education. Plus you may even win, perhaps big. The MicroMillions will be especially attractive to UK and Irish players.

These sort of low stakes tournament festivals are by no means new, Full Tilt Poker used to run them. Alas, Full Tilt is now gone, probably forever.

Meanwhile, Ladbrokes is offering special awards to cash game enthusiasts. Be it noted that enthusiasts is the word, because to qualify you will need to rack up 500 points a day for 10 days. Although considerably easier than the current Gladiator promotion offered by Party Poker, it is still a grind. If you are not a member of Ladbrokes, sign up, if you are, to take part in STAMINA EQUALS CASH! you must first opt in.

Titan Poker is also offering its own challenge for cash game grinders, again you must opt in, while bookmaker William Hill is still offering its £500 Facebook Freeroll on Sunday at 4pm UK time.

[The above article was published originally March 3, 2012 as a review.]

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