The Descartes’ Demon Of On-Line Poker


Ever get the idea that life may indeed be a dream and nothing more? I get that sometimes at the poker table, especially when I call for a card and it comes. Okay, most of the time, it doesn’t, but those long shots romp home far more often than they should. Take the following hand from last night’s Facebook Freeroll on Titan Poker.

A hand from the abandoned $500 Facebook Freeroll on Titan Poker, December 15, 2011.

There were over 3,000 runners and only 50 places paid, so with a $500 prize pool I had no intention of sitting there for three or four hours to maybe win $1.25. I doubled up, and when the guy with Q-10 suited raised, I whacked it all in. I was of course behind on the flop, although the side pot was coming my way, so after the turn, I called “Six!”. And look what came.

After that, I was in second place, and would have stayed the distance, except I kept getting disconnected, no, not just me, the whole tournament. If there had been real money at stake I would have continued, but I had a half-prepared stir fry waiting for me in the kitchen, and if the choice is between maybe winning a dollar or two while sitting there hungry or a Baron special with soy sauce and noodles, my stomach will win out every time.

I made the right decision; this morning, the following message from Titan Poker appeared on Facebook:

“Friends, we are very sorry about the inconvenience yesterday. We promise to release an organized information about the last situation and about our next steps.”

Anyway, below and in no particular order are some screengrabs with a bit of comment. My apologies for the inconsistent sizes. The hand at the top of this article was played as dated. Is this Descartes’ Demon at work? Is it psychic powers? Or maybe something to do with the software? I strongly suspect the latter, judging by the number of Royal Flushes I’ve had since I first started playing on-line.

A hand played circa April 21, 2009. A psychic gutshot - I called for it, and it came!

April 23, 2009: I called for the gutshot, and it came!

April 25, 2009: Another tournament on Full Tilt Poker, I believe this was a HORSE freeroll. I called for the gutshot, and it came!

This PokerStars hand was played May 20, 2009, and was called. This much reduced image was all I could rescue from Digital Journal.

June 7, 2009: Full Tilt again, I called for the jack - though not the jack of diamonds. Fortunately, nobody had the flush!

June 7, 2009: I called for this (sort of); I didn’t want to see the diamond, but the hand held up.

June 19, 2009: A replay of a showdown from Full Tilt. This sort of thing often happens at Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo; I think this was the latter. A good turn card and a blank on the river; it was nice though to have been on the right end of it for once.

June 23, 2009: Kings are cracked by a bad river on PokerStars.

This hand was played June 26, 2009: I called for the gutshot on the flop, and it came on the turn.

June 27, 2009: An afternoon cash game on Full Tilt, and a not very unusual suck out at Omaha.

Another “psychic” hand; this one was played sometime in 2011.

A replay of a hand played on Full Tilt circa April 2011: A bad river for the dominant hand, and the short stack wins.

A hand played circa May 12, 2012: I called for a red river jack, and look what came!

September 10, 2012: A depositor freeroll on PokerStars; I called for the 9, and it came. I finished 1,140th winning 59c.

October 6, 2014: This hand is from a bounty tournament on Terminal Poker. I called for the magic river, and it came. I took two bounties and also cashed.

[The above article was first published as a blog, December 16, 2011, originally with 9 screengrabs. A further 6 were added October 14, 2013. I have added another one from this month. Bar the first one, the screengrabs are republished here as far as possible in chronological order. Those of a certain inclination might like to check out VennerRoad blogspot in particular the entries relating to “psychic” poker and electronic cards.]

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