PokerStars to host world record tournament with $1 buy-in

PokerStars, the world’s self-proclaimed largest poker site, is attempting a world record on December 4, an on-line tournament with a $1 buy-in and a staggering 150,000 players.

The tournament is scheduled to start at 12.30 Eastern Standard Time, 6.30pm in London, although there will probably be something of a delay as a field of this size causes something of a strain on the software. A field of this size, heck, there has never been a field of this size, that is the point!

Like its rival Full Tilt Poker (RIP), PokerStars is no stranger to world records, three years ago the two went head to head with similar attempts, 35,000 and 50,000 runners respectively.

The current world record attempt is part of PokerStars’ celebration of 10 years on-line, though after the fiasco of the Black Friday domain seizures, this does not include on-line in the USA, the home of poker. PokerStars is also offering special promotions for UK and Irish players.

Other poker sites are likewise running promotions, though again not for our American cousins. Titan and Ladbrokes are offering special “races” for regular players. Be warned, to have any chance of being awarded a prize in one of these you will have to play mega mega mega poker, all day long.

If you are not a regular poker player and decide to try your hand, make sure you sign up through an affiliate like RakeTheRake when you will be paid to play (rakeback). Sadly, PokerStars does not offer rakeback, the only leading site that doesn’t, but it does have both a generous sign up bonus and a frequent player points scheme as well as lots of freerolls.

Finally, if you are an American citizen and want to see on-line poker legalised in your country, sign up with the Poker Players Alliance.

[The above was first published November 11, 2011 apparently without a photograph or screengrab uploaded by me or by anyone else. The original wasn’t archived.]

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