Britain’s politically correct police hoist with their own petard

For years, Britain’s politically correct police have targeted racists as easy marks. Now, they are turning on themselves as two of them face charges under the Public Order Act.

Details are vague at this stage, but last Thursday, the misnamed Independent Police Complaints Commission issued a press release to the effect that PC David Hair and PC Kevin Hughes will each face two charges, and in both cases one of them is “racially aggravated”, whatever that means. This appears to have been locker room banter (allegedly!) arising out of the same non-incident; one would have thought these big strong blokes would have been made of sterner stuff, no doubt the “victims” are angling for compensation.

This nonsense comes hot on the heels of the acquittal of John Terry, a case that was truly farcical. That case still isn’t over for Terry, as he faces an internal disciplinary hearing - which is the way it should have been dealt with, if at all. It may be though that Derbyshire Police decide to charge a black player with a similar non-offence for calling another black player a choc ice. Is it any wonder the streets aren’t safe to walk?

Earlier this month it was revealed there were 42 such allegations in 2011-2 up from 16 in 2006-07.

Whatever the outcome of this nonsense, there will be no justice for one genuine black victim of the Metropolitan Police, Mark Duggan, who was shot dead in North London on August 4 last year. Not only has there been no meaningful investigation, but no one appears to have been so much as suspended, including the man who pulled the trigger.

This article from earlier this year, and this one from last year will give the reader an insight into the way public money is wasted in Britain on such facile prosecutions, and has been since before the advent of political correctness.

[The above op-ed was first published July 30, 2012; the original wasn’t archived.]

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