Prosecutor exposes Zimmerman’s lies in summation


In his closing speech at the Zimmerman trial, prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda made an impassioned plea to the jury to convict the acknowledged killer of Trayvon Martin.


Bernie de la Rionda in full flow during his closing speech.


This supposedly so controversial trial has been broadcast live by FoxNews, and although it hasn’t been quite as riveting as the Casey Anthony trial - which was also broadcast live over the Internet – it has had its high points. In his two hour plus closing speech – which was early evening in London, UK – Bernie de la Rionda pointed to the many inconsistencies and contradictions in Zimmerman’s testimony. At one point he used a dummy to illustrate the position in which Zimmerman and Martin were when Zimmerman shot him, and asked how did he get the gun out?

He was loud, he was emotional, and he was honest. By contrast, Zimmerman has been silent, addressing the court only to tell the judge he would not be taking the stand. He has showed no passion at all, but his previous testimony – to the police – has shown him to be anything but honest.

Zimmerman’s apologists can spin this case this to their hearts’ content, but as de la Rionda said, Zimmerman was armed with a gun; Trayvon Martin was “armed”with skittles, which this “boy”wearing a hoodie had bought – not stolen – from the local 7/11, and he had done this without installing terror in the assistant.

Another point he made is that Zimmerman may be overweight at the moment, but he certainly wasn’t at the time. The picture he painted of Zimmerman is that this guy is a wannabe, that he attempted to address the police as equals, which he may have been at some point but for this encounter, which he alone contrived. Unfortunately for Zimmerman, the privilege money can’t buy does not extend to wannabes, nor was the death of Trayvon Martin part of “God’s plan”, so no one should be surprised if he is convicted by a jury of six women, five of them mothers, and convicted in short order. After de la Rionda had finished, the judge discharged the jury at 21.19 London time for 08.30 local time the following morning.

[The above article was published originally July 11, 2013. Sadly, this douchebag was not convicted.]

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