The Return Of ‘Red Dwarf’

When Craig Charles appeared on the BBC Breakfast programme this morning, he revealed he has just finished filming another six episodes of the cult TV series.

Craig Charles

If you thought Dr Who was off the wall, you haven’t met the crew of Red Dwarf, all two of them – one human being and a hologram. And a mutated cat. And a robot with a cleaning fetish. And a computer with sex appeal. Craig Charles plays Lister, or perhaps that should be Listless, who wakes up from suspended animation three million years in the future, resurrects his holographic cabin mate, and embarks on a series of madcap galactic adventures with his bizarre crew. Chris Barrie plays Lister’s superior Rimmer -– superior only in rank – and Danny John-Jules is certainly more in character playing a cat that has more style than Noël Coward and James Bond and more outrageous costumes than Lady Gaga and vintage Elton John combined rather than a police officer on a non-existent Caribbean Island.

Red Dwarf was first screened in 1989. Check out the official website for news, history and much more. And just in case you hadn’t guessed, although at times the humour sails close to the wind, this is one of those programmes that is not to be taken too seriously.

[The above review was first published March 10, 2012.]

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