Rhubard & Custard

A screengrab of Archive.Org and the Wayback Machine.

Check out the first two screengrabs below. Notice the difference? If you don’t, here’s a clue - what is rhubard? No, the title is not a spelling mistake. The first grab was used in the article The Legacy of David Webb.

If you trawl the OPACs of the world’s libraries you will find countless such errors, most minor, some not so minor. The third screengrab is from a search I ran a few minutes ago. According to the Library of Congress catalogue - catalog to you, Hank - it has 108 books etc in its holdings that were published at New Yok. I’ve written about this sort of thing elsewhere. I can only repeat now what I said then, with more emphasis: proof-reading always requires two pairs of eyes. Even if one of them is yours!

An entry in the British Library’s on-line catalogue for one of the publications from the estate of David Webb.

The corrected entry for the book "Rhubarb & Custard", from the British Library OPAC.

A screengrab taken circa 00.15 London time on November 18, 2012. New Yok, indeed.

[The above article was published originally as a blog November 18, 2012].

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