Should queer men be allowed in Boy Scouts?


The Boy Scouts of America organisation is under pressure to admit homosexuals. Why should any parent object to his or her son being mentored by a homosexual? If you have to ask that question you’re not brainwashed, you’re brain dead.

The organised homosexual movement alludes to its adherents as gay. Well guess what, homosexuality is not gay. Male homosexuality is a particularly depraved lifestyle, not simply because of the well-documented promiscuity of so many homosexuals, but because the practise of sodomy is inherently unhealthy. It abuses, damages and weakens the body, especially the immune system. That was true even before the advent of AIDS. You think not? Check out the medical literature, that’s the only place you’ll find this irrefutable evidence now thanks to the mainstream media caving in to the tyranny of the homosexual lobby, which by the way is far from exclusively homosexual.

Last year, a short BBC documentary series visited a Manchester clinic that treats sexually transmitted diseases. One of its regular clientele was a young homosexual who worked in the queer porn industry. He was told he had gonorrhea of the anus and both gonorrhea and chlamydia of the throat. If that doesn’t horrify and sicken you to your stomach, it should, though it probably won’t surprise you if you learn this character had racked up 80 sexual partners since his last appointment. For young homosexuals, this number is by no means exceptional; the diseases are not an optional extra; if you play in filth you will end up covered in it.

The people who run the Boy Scouts of America consider this sort of individual unsuitable material for their organisation, and thus stand accused of discrimination and, shock, horror, homophobia.

To discriminate means simply to choose; if you have no choice, you have no freedom. The Boy Scouts of America is a private organisation, and as such it has the right to choose whom it accepts as members and whom it does not. This is not a civil rights issue much less a legal or human rights one. It is not like a hospital doctor refusing to operate on a patient because he doesn’t like his sexual orientation, his race, his religion or his conviction for wife-beating. If the Boy Scouts don’t want to admit homosexuals to their leadership cadre, good for them. This is an organisation whose oath is: Duty to God and country, Duty to other people, and Duty to self.

Duty to God requires one to believe in God. Atheists need not apply. Duty to other people could exclude a lot of people. Duty to self can easily exclude homosexuals. A man who abuses his own body the way homosexuals abuse theirs could easily fall into that category. In any case, why would any adult homosexual want to work with underage boys? There are two easily discernible reasons: personal abuse, and indoctrination of the young. Is that unfair, homophobic, hysterical? No, it is just plain common sense. No right thinking parent would want his or her young son being influenced by homosexuals to “come out” if the kid is having difficulty with his sexuality growing up, as many boys do when perhaps they find themselves attracted to the slightly older boy who is good looking, liked by everyone, intelligent and always does everything better than you. Homosexuals must not be permitted to use the boy scouts or any other organisation as a recruiting ground for their perversion. And perversion it is, once even most homosexuals realised and acknowledged that. Magnus Hirschfeld was a pioneer of tolerance for homosexuality and other sexual perversions, but he realised what he was and made no attempt to deny it (although he didn’t acknowledge his homosexuality publicly). Quentin Crisp realised the dirty trick nature had played on him, and was not afraid to speak out in defence of the Chief Rabbi Emeritus Lord Jakobovits who made an halachic pronouncement about the so-called gay gene. Crisp felt it would be better if homosexuals were not born - the reality is of course that they are largely made. The campaigning organisation OutRage! was outraged with Jakobovits, but Crisp realised he was talking common sense. Do we want people to be born blind, deaf or otherwise disabled? Of course not, likewise the elimination of homosexuality would not be an act of genocide but one that would benefit society as a whole. Crisp died in 1999 aged 90, an extraordinarily advanced age for a male homosexual, and something he would not have achieved had he not remained celibate for half a century.

There is though another, common sense reason for homosexuals to be excluded from the boy scouts or any other profession or calling that has contact with underage boys, for their own protection.

Kids today are savvy, and as the recent Jimmy Savile affair has shown, given the encouragement or simply the opportunity, they will make false allegations against adults. Keeping homosexuals away from underage boys has the same rationale as keeping young girls away from normal men, and for segregating the armed forces.

The politically correct feminist lamebrains who have subverted Western culture have managed to integrate women into the men’s army, and now these same halfwits are complaining because there is an epidemic of rape, sexual abuse and sexual harassment in the forces. Can they really be so stupid as not to see the connection?

Finally, it is not as if homosexuals don’t already have equal rights. They are certainly not barred from certain professions, including politics and the media. The misnamed Wolfenden reforms legalised homosexual acts between consenting adults in Britain, which is as it should be. Even before Wolfenden though, most people took the view that as long as they didn’t do it in the street and frighten the horses, it was nobody’s business but their own. Alas, now they don’t just want to frighten the horses, they want to normalise their perversion as well, and denounce us as bigots when we object to having it forced down our throats, or having our children indoctrinated with it. The love that once dared not speak its name is now shouting it from the rooftops, and excoriating anyone who doesn’t share its Weltanschauung. The Boy Scouts of America is making a principled stand, and should not allow itself to be intimidated, threatened or blackmailed by this homophile tyranny. As for the homosexuals of America and the world, they should disappear back into the closet where they belong. When they do that, they’ll be surprised at what a tolerant place the world really is.

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[The above article was published originally February 7, 2013. The title was not mine; this was an assignment. Kudos especially to Silverberg for this one. I have made one or two tiny alterations/corrections to the original text.]

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