UK kicks out bogus asylum seekers


Yesterday, police and immigration officials rounded up around sixty bogus asylum seekers in a dawn raid. Hopefully, more will follow.

There is a massive paradox in both Britain and the UK, special interest groups and plain race agitators never tire of telling us how racist we are, but by the same token there is never any shortage of immigrants from the world over. The British public especially has been subjected to this hysteria so much and for so long that even the most benign and tolerant of our citizens have had it up to the back teeth with the holy crusade against racism. Now, finally, our rulers are beginning to get the message, at least that it what it looked like early yesterday morning when police, immigration officers and officials from Westminster Council descended on a large group of bogus asylum seekers/refugees and rounded them up to be sent back to Roumania. A cynic might take a different view though, because this group were camping out near Marble Arch, which sandwiched between the west end of Oxford Street and Speakers’ Corner is one of the hubs of tourism.

People come here from all over the world with money in their pockets to spend in the capital, they make friends, then go home and perhaps return if not next year then some time in the future. Tourists are always welcome; freeloading foreigners are not.

Organisations like the lunatic Socialist Workers Party and its front groups are fond of portraying all illegal immigrants as poor, persecuted victims of state oppression, and anyone who opposes their removal as vicious racists. Look at the woman smoking a filter tip cigarette in this short video and ask yourself if she and her kind are really victims of racist oppression?

Let it not be forgotten either that Abū Qatāda was a so-called asylum seeker, thankfully he too has now been booted out at long last. The noise from these self-styled “anti-racist” groups will undoubtedly continue, but there is one way to shut them up for good, that is to ask them to pay for processing these people, including their board and keep. As the late and unlamented Margaret Thatcher is said to have pointed out, the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money. A corollary of that is that when people - including socialists - are required to put up their own money for their own ideals, suddenly they aren’t so idealistic anymore.

Another country that has more than its fair share of illegal immigrants is the United States, where they are alluded to euphemistically as undocumented workers. The same suspects make the same noises in the US, hence we are warned by “The Party for Liberation and Socialism” about The border, Mexican labor and the racist history of U.S. immigration policy. Yes, it’s all a racist plot, yet, curiously, sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander, because last year between January and November, Mexico itself deported no less than 75,000 illegal immigrants. Is this racist too, or perhaps like many other countries Mexico has no problem with exporting its poor but is not prepared to admit economic migrants - which is what 95%+ of all asylum seekers really are - but wants only people who can contribute to the economy.

It seems too that Australia is finally waking up to this racket; yesterday Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced tough new measures to combat illegal immigration (although he didn’t put it quite like that). No doubt the socialists and “anti-racists” Down Under will likewise protest against these reasonable measures; the solution is the same, if they want illegal immigrants, let them foot the bill, and watch their much vaunted principles vanish with the morning mist.

[The above was op-ed was first published July 20, 2013; the original wasn’t archived. The associated image wasn’t uploaded by me and hasn’t been included. At this time, I would italicise the word racist and declensions thereof. I have dropped this here – June 15, 2021.]

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